Facility Team Update 6.14.20

Elder and Facility Team Update to the Congregation on the HVAC and Parsonage Projects

From November to February, the team worked to seek bids from other contractors so that we could have multiple bids and thus get our best pricing.  We could only find one contractor to give the church a bid.  As the church has a multiple bid policy and wanting to get the best pricing possible, the Facility Team engaged an engineering firm to design the Heating and Ventilating Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment so that we could secure bids from other mechanical contractors.
Bids were received the end of April, and after making further design changes to get the best pricing, the Facility Team recommended to the elders to approve an expenditure of $380,000 to do the complete project.  This is about $15,000 above the church budget for this project but the bidding kept the costs from going even higher.  The elders gave their approval this week to the project.  The HVAC project is in the process of being awarded to a team of mechanical contractors the first week of June.
It is expected to take until September to complete the project, taking into consideration time for the equipment to be made and shipped and also not wanting to do the work in the heat of the summer.  The good news is that the existing HVAC equipment is still functioning adequately.  We are cooling the building for a brief period of time each day to protect the building and contents but also to save utility costs.
Funding for the project is as presented by the elders in the Town Hall meeting in April.  A combination of using gifts of monies designated for the project, using the remaining Restore and Renew funds, using existing cash resources the church has in various funds, and borrowing an interest free loan from a member of the church (note: that loan has now been executed).
The HVAC Project has been very time consuming and difficult to pull together.  Many thanks to the team for all their efforts.
Questions about the HVAC Project can be addressed by a member of the Facility Team: John Durham, Tom Hudson, Scott Krone or Ken Bryan.  Questions about funding can be addressed by the elders or Laurence Claus.
For a quick update on the Parsonage Project, the parsonage is in the process of being fully painted by great volunteers from the church.  We are awaiting shipment of cabinets for the kitchen and plumbing fixtures (toilet, sinks etc.)  We are still on schedule for completion in July and anticipate coming in under budget for this project. 

Sport Camp Update – Plan B

The “Heart of a Champion” Sports Camp is on hold until next summer when we can safely meet in large groups again. 

*If you already signed up for sports camp, you will receive a refund soon.


Here is a fun, simple and free family alternative for the same week camp was planned for!
BOLT toward faith in Jesus


June 23-25

6:30 pm (or whatever dates/time works for your family)

Drive Thru ICE CREAM Treats on Friday, June 26 to celebrate
Check out the details below

What is it?

With minimal preparation and supplies, easy to follow instructions, and a video that leads you and your kids/family step-by-step through each of the 3 days, BOLT is designed to bring all of the fun and faith-formation of Vacation Bible School to the cozy confines of your home. It’s so simple!  It is designed for ages 5 and up but we added simpler crafts for younger kids and the games can easily be tweaked for younger kids.

How does it work?

Step 1: Sign up by emailing Jayne at  Put BOLT in the subject line.  Then I will send you the link and materials.  If the dates don’t work for you, no problem, do it anytime over the summer.  Tell your friends!

Step 2: Gather a few materials. During BOLT, kids will be playing games and doing origami (other crafts added for younger kids).  Everything has been designed to be performed with minimal materials—materials that you will most likely have around the house or can easily and inexpensively purchase at a local store.

Step 3: Press play. When you’re ready, gather the kids around and press play on the video. Each video will lead you and the kids through the entire experience. Occasionally, the video will ask you to pause and do something. When you’re finished doing it, press play again

 Step 4: Play the games. When the video prompts you to, press pause and lead the kids in playing the games. Each day has 3 games. One of the games each day is demonstrated in the video, the other two are not. There’s no rush to get through the games, so take your time and have fun. When you’re finished, give the kids a snack, open a Bible and have someone read the verses indicated on the screen, then press play again.  They are also some “no supplies needed” game options.

Step 5: It’s origami time. For the craft, kids will be doing origami. It’s so simple, yet fun! The video will show them exactly what to do. Just have some square pieces of paper ready to go. You can buy colored, square origami paper online or just cut a piece of white paper into a square yourself.

Younger Kids Craft Option:  (make the Origami for them and let them color it) and/or use the crafts we added.

Take some pictures and/or video clips, we would love to put something together and share it with all the families that participated and our church family.

On Friday, we will Celebrate with an Ice cream Drive-Thru from 6:30-7:30pm at North Sub




Ambition and Achievement Amidst Slowdowns and Setbacks

What if we could get a bunch of driven people into a “room” with a bunch of laid-back people to have a blunt conversation about ambition and achievement?
That’s what’s happening Thursday night!
We want you to join Thursday night’s conversation…


…If you’re driven

  • You nevertheless know people who don’t set goals, who live laid-back, who say they’re not trying to do anything… they’re just trying to be. Do you ever have a sneaking suspicion that maybe (at least to an extent) they are the ones getting it right?
  • Do you ever wonder if the level of your ambition is too excessive? Is it possible to be too ambitious? Or is any level of ambition acceptable as long as it is directed toward the “right” things? …But what are the “right” things, anyway?
  • Have you ever found yourself in a season – or are you in one now – when your drive and ambition seem to be suffering a setback? What do you do with your frustration when there is a roadblock in the path to achievement?


…If you’re laid back

  • Ever had anything you’ve wanted to say to the driven types who are always trying to get you to set goals? We want your perspective in the conversation during this interactive event!
  • But you might gain from this conversation, too. For example, have you ever considered that even the non-goal-setter may be chasing after goals, even in your non-goal-setting?
  • If you’ve found yourself bored during this quarantine, have you wondered whether there might be more? Whether something might exist worth becoming ambitious about?


…If you’re in school

  • Maybe you grew up being told you could do anything you want to be, that you’ll move mountains. But now that opportunity may have been removed by no fault of your own, how do you make sense of who you are and what your potential still is (or isn’t)?


If you’re a young professional

  • Have all your dreams led to you struggling through an uninspiring career, working longer hours than any generation in history yet unlikely to ever attain the standard of living you grew up with? What’s the meaning of it all?


…if you’re in “middlescence”

  • Are you still single? Or realizing that you’re probably never getting that promotion you’ve been sacrificing for? What’s left for you to dream about?


…if you’re retired

  • You worked so hard to be able to relax in retirement. Now retirement is turning out to be more stressful than your working years! What do you do with that disappointment and uncertainty?



Pastor Tim will be asking questions and responding to yours throughout this event. Topics to be discussed will include:

  • How we attempt to meet our felt needs for accomplishment
  • What we are chasing
  • Why there are goals we perceive to be valuable… yet we don’t end up putting the effort into going after them
  • What to do with frustrated dreams
  • The dangers of success
  • The relationship between ambition and humility
  • The drive for approval

…and more! Put Netflix on hold for a night; get your Zoom calls done early… and join us at 8pm CDT here:


COVID-19 Update 3/16/20

Church Family,
Thank you so much for your participation in yesterday’s sermon and Town Hall meeting (if you missed joining us live, use those links to get caught up!). We were overwhelmed by the level of participation and engagement we were able to experience though miles apart.
The CDC’s recommendation yesterday means it’s likely that we will be holding Sunday worship services online for at least the next eight weeks. This is not what any of us envisioned for this spring – or for Pastor Craig’s last few weeks on staff! But we are determined to seek God’s face regarding how He may want to use this to do a new thing in our midst. As such, any and all possibilities are on the table regarding how we might leverage technology to create connection. We believe there are untapped “Well,” “Word,” and “World” opportunities that this lockdown will force us to discover through innovation.
Would you innovate with us? Let’s dream up ways we can reach our neighbors, serve our communities, minister to the anxious, and build community while in quarantine.
This is a season of unique challenge and unique opportunity. Thank you for leaning in to your church family instead of pulling away!


1) Following government and public health recommendations, we are now discouraging all meetings of any size until further notice. This includes Life Groups.


2) The office staff will only be in briefly on Monday to set up what they need to work from home this week. We are working on forwarding the office phones to our cell phones. If you get the office voicemail, please listen to the voicemail instructions regarding how to contact church staff.
3) We are suspending our “No Spectators” sermon series indefinitely, as it doesn’t really lend itself to what we can accomplish in the online format. Expect future livestreamed sermons to follow yesterday’s interactive pattern.
4) The sendoff party for Pastor Craig and Marsha has been postponed indefinitely, probably until the summer. We want to send them off well, with hugs and kisses.
5) As announced in the sermon, we will be holding prayer meetings at noon every day this week (M-F). To join the prayer meeting:

–           Call the dial-in number, 425-436-6337, a few minutes before the scheduled time.

–           When prompted, enter the access code 490727 followed by pound or hash (#).
The teleconference will be in “Q&A” mode which means that all callers are muted to prevent noise disturbances and allow only one caller to be speaking at one time. If you want to share a request, press *6. The facilitator will selectively unmute participants one at a time for them to pray. Once unmuted, please state your name and pray, keeping to a maximum of 90 seconds to allow other callers time to participate. If you want to pray again, please press *6 to be re-added and follow the voice instructions.

Conference call etiquette:

– Call in a few minutes early so that everyone will be on the line at the planned starting time.

– If you are having problems connecting during the call, call 847-945-4630 and we will try to resolve the problem.

– Keep background noise and interruptions such as pets, children and household appliances to a minimum when you do speak.
6) Listen here for the song of the week (credit to Lisa Anderson).