New Sermon Series – Isaiah: Judgment and Hope

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Join Us in a Day of Fasting and Prayer for BMA

This Summer, we will be sending a team to the Czech Republic to minister alongside our Global Partners Paul and Sharon Till at Bezkydy Mountain Academy in Frydlant.
More immediately, the Till family and BMA have some urgent prayer requests, and they’ve asked us to join them on Tuesday, March 19th, to participate in a day of fasting and prayer. Below is an explanation from Paul. Please do consider joining us in fasting and prayer on Tuesday.

BMA is seeking the Lord in a day of prayer and fasting.

      Thanks for all you have done to support the mission of our school. We’d like you to know about another opportunity coming up this week. The board and the administration are inviting members of our community around the world to fast and pray on Tuesday, March 19th. We are asking Him for some specific breakthroughs as well as the blessing, resources and protection He has always provided.
      Here are some of the specific things we will be praying about.

The Expansion.
      To bring more students to the school, so that more students and their families can meet Jesus, we’ll need permission from the government and a bigger building. To increase the size of the building, we raised money with the Lord’s grace and your help. Now we need building plans to be approved by various local government agencies. They are backlogged and facing many months’ delay. Our desire to act sooner rather than later comes from our understanding of the political system. We want to move while political leaders sympathetic to BMA are in office, before the next elections. 
      The Lord is the Lord of the government at every level, and the Lord of this timetable. We are seeking Him.

New Students.
      This season, we have a tremendous number of applications for September: 71. We are thankful for the increased interest. We already grieve for the more than forty students whom we will have to disappoint. We are seeking the Lord’s choice for who will be in the next class.

New Administration.
      We are in the process of possibly hiring a critical new staff member who  could join the leadership of our school. We hope this is the Lord’s choice. We ask for His people and His timing.

      Thank for praying as you always do. If you are able to participate in a special way on March 19th, we’ll be grateful.
      Paul for Beskydy Mountain Academy.

Sports Camp 2019

A unique week of fun, sports, character-building concepts, music, stories of well known athletes as well as stories of the life of Peter from the Bible.  We are staffed with screened volunteers that genuinely care about kids  and together we will learn how just like in Sports, life has Epic Moments as well that shapes who we are.
Important Details:  

Grades K-5 (completed) At registration, choose one sport for the week.  Basketball, soccer, a variety of gym games, cheerleading, or journalism (newspaper, photography, interviews, and video).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Ages 3-5 (by the start of camp):   Will enjoy a different sport each day as well as crafts, activities, and a group rally time of singing and learning from the Bible.

Dinner Is Included We will serve dinner each night for the kids at 5:30pm.  Menu (TBA)
Friday Night Lights The last night will be “Friday Night Family Night” on June 14.  Join us for dinner, rally, see your kids in action as well as receive a certificate and join the fun outside under the lights as well. We encourage kids to leave any electronics at home but bring a water bottle marked with your child’s name. If your child signed up for Basketball or Soccer, have them bring a ball if possible. Be sure to mark all your belongings. Your child will receive a T-shirt the first night to wear throughout the week.
We also have a security system in place for pick up.  You will need to have your tag in order to pick up your child.
Print, fill out, and bring the Sports Camp Permission & Release Form the first day of camp.

If you have questions contact Jayne at or 847-580-5770


ESCAPE ROOM Student Ministries Fundraiser

Escape Room Outreach and Student Ministries Fundraiser
Jan 28 – Feb 1 at North Sub
You just made detective for the Illinois State Police and want to prove your worth by solving your first big case. With special permission from a federal judge you must retrieve the hidden files from Harry’s Motorcycle Repair Shop while Harry is away. Your informant tells you that Harry will be gone for the next hour. Can you accomplish your mission before Harry returns?

Feb 2019 Parents Night Out

5:30-8:30pm (registration begins at 5:15pm)
Drop off your kids (Infant – Grade 5) for a Glow In The Dark Night of Fun that includes dinner (pizza), glow in the dark games, activities & crafts and a movie (TBA) to top off the night.
Registration Closes on Feb 9