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Staff Update

After over 4½ years of faithful service as our Facilities Manager, Keith Nilsen has decided to step down from his staff position.  Keith’s decision was based his limited availability, the increased time required by the additional work offloaded from our former Business Manager model, and the ongoing project management work of the “Restore and Renew” renovation project.  


Keith has been a member of our Church staff  since January 1, 2014, so please be sure to thank him for the tremendous work that he has done in maintaining our facilities so well over these past 4 ½ years.  Keith will continue to serve on the Restore and Renew Decorating Team and advise Pastor Craig with regard to the renovation.


Going forward, the Elders have approved a new direction for handling the care and maintenance of our facilities.  The responsibilities of the part-time Facilities Manager position will be taken over by a VOLUNTEER TEAM of 3 to 5 people. They will be empowered to oversee the maintenance of our facilities with the help of the staff.  For now, all the responsibilities for the management of the facilities and the execution of the Restore and Renew renovation work fall under Pastor Craig.  This is in addition to his current work load, which already increased slightly to absorb more Office responsibilities when we made the change from our former Business Manager model.  Therefore, it is our hope to get this Facilities Volunteer Team up and running as soon as possible, so please pray over this. 


We’re looking for 3 to 5 volunteers. While expertise is not required, we would like the volunteers to:

  • Have some experience in terms of evaluating problems with their home and/or other structures and mechanical.
  • Have some ability to help determine whether we can fix the problems ourselves or need to hire a contractor.
  • Be able to work with a contractor if necessary to get the problem fixed. 

The team will meet once per month to review the ongoing punch list generated from the office.  Projects that can wait will be taken care of after the monthly meeting. Projects that require immediate attention will be managed by a volunteer from the team who has some availability to work alongside the staff in getting the problem resolved.


If you would like more information about serving on this team or think this is a place where you can serve the Lord, please contact Pastor Craig at the office.

BUMP Trip Recap

Jr. High Missions Trip BUMP Recap


First things first, praise God for Beth Firestone and Ian Rundquist! I don’t think that BUMP would have happened without them! Ian was a huge blessing with driving the group to Minnesota, flying back to work the week, then flying to Minnesota to drive the group back home. Also, Beth was such a wonderful leader to the students. There were a lot of uncertainties and questions going into the trip such as how would we get there, where would we stay, how is this actually going to work? But God provided! He provided housing in the form of a church parsonage at the church where Beth’s parents attend. God also helped us navigate with Payne Avenue Church what to do during the Summer Family Nights. It was a partnership like I have never experienced before and it was an amazing testimony to the power of God at work. 


This year was definitely different than previous years when we partnered with Payne Church and their week of Vacation Bible School. For VBS, we had to prep a different craft, have a different snack and do a different lesson each day. However, with the Summer Family Nights it was the same lessons and activities each day and our students really excelled. We were so blessed by the students (Roni Ebenezer, Andrew Firestone, Rebekah Firestone, Ana Lau, Micah Lauby and Elizabeth Lupu-Vieru) as they were hard workers and were willing to do the jobs given to them. The only real struggle we had with the group, was actually making a decision as they were a very flexible group.  We had to eventually ask students what is something they would least like to do.


Overall, God brought 75 different families to the Summer Family Nights and Payne Avenue Church was able to make some good connections. Our prayer for them now is for those connections to be maintained and that more people in the community will be interested to find out who God is by checking out Payne Church.


— Anna Lichtwalt, Team Leader

Micah explaining the wheel questions
Rebekah helping a student make a salvation bracelet
By the Payne Church sign
Elizabeth at the building block center
Andrew and the Jenga tower
Rebekah, Ana and Andrew taking a break
Beth explaining the salvation bead bracelet

Roni delivering invitations
Anna face painting

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No Education Hour Classes at 9:15am
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