Zoom Potluck 5.31.2020

How to join the Zoom Potluck
Sunday, May 31, 11:30am
Our first ever virtual potluck will be held over Zoom. Make yourself some lunch to bring it to your computer or smartphone and join us as we have breakout groups for discussion and get-to-know you time (think “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?” but socially distanced!).  See the Highlights email from 5.28.20 for Zoom meeting link and ID.
If you need help getting hooked up with Zoom, here are some instruction of how you can join. There are three ways to join Sunday’s potluck. The first two options require the Zoom app; the third does not.
To download Zoom to your computer or smart phone, follow these steps:
If you don’t have an account, go to https://zoom.us/ and create a free account.
Download Zoom to your computer by clicking here, then clicking the “Download” button for “Zoom Client for Meetings.” Follow instructions to complete installation. (Download Zoom to your phone by finding the Zoom app wherever you get your apps.)
See instructions for each of the three options below.
OPTION 1: Join this Sunday’s Zoom potluck from a computer [requires the Zoom app]
Click on the invitation link above.
OPTION 2: Join this Sunday’s Zoom potluck from a smart phone [requires the Zoom app]
Click on the invitation link above. You will have options to join with audio and/or with video.
You can also use one tap, which works for iPhone or Android. Copy this entire string of characters: 13126266799,,87952779559# and paste to wherever you would normally type a phone number. Your phone will automatically call in and dial the meeting ID for you to get you in.
Basic Zoom Meeting Instructions (for Those Using Options 1 or 2)
You will find the following icons at the bottom of the Zoom computer screen:
Microphone – used to mute or unmute oneself. The host might mute everyone as a group so we do not talk over each other.
Camera – used to hide your face or let others see your face (if your computer has a camera).
Participants – lets you see who is at the meeting; this is also where you “raise your hand” to ask a question.
Chat – a place where you can type in questions or statements.
There are a few different views available, including speaker view (see whoever is speaking) and gallery view (see everyone). Some computers don’t support gallery view, in which case you can use your arrow buttons to scroll through screens of participants.
To request to speak when muted: click on the “Participant” box at the bottom of the screen. (Move the mouse near the bottom for the choices to appear.) When you click the participant box, you can see participants’ names. Next to your own name, select “Raise Hand.” Eventually, the host will unmute you so you can speak. You can select “Lower Hand” if you no longer wish to speak.
OPTION 3: Join this Sunday’s potluck from a landline
On your phone, call 312 626 6799. If you are asked for the Meeting ID, it is 879 5277 9559.
If you would like to speak while muted, to “Raise Your Hand” , press *9 (star 9). The host will be notified that you have a question. Listen for your name/phone number so you’ll know when it is your turn to talk. If you no longer wish to speak, press *9 again to “Lower Your Hand.”
You can call the church 847-945-4630 and leave a message or email northsub@northsub.com with any questions or issues.