Summary of 10.20.19 Quarterly Congregational Meeting

The Quarterly Congregational Meeting, on one level, was very much like previous meetings.  We had prayer, the approval of minutes, new members added, reports from the Treasurer, Pastor, and Elders. There were, however, indicators that North Sub is beginning to move out and that this was actually a very special meeting indeed.  

First, the numbers:  We saw 8 new members and evidence of a “nearly balanced” budget (about $2000 below budget heading into the Christmas season).  Both of these are positive indicators, especially given the fact that we made a pastoral transition
mid-fiscal-year.  Welcome to our new members: 
  • Joshua and Abigail Mesec
  • Ron and Amy Mueller
  • Andrew and Stefany Nilsen
  • Lucas and Nicole Rugen


Second, the accomplishments: The Pastor’s Report and the Elders’ Report both talked about the “culture reset” going on in the first quarter of Pastor Tim’s new tenure as Senior Pastor. This includes fresh teaching topics, “plumb-lines”, the core values, marks of a disciple, and much more.  The Elders have been reading, drawing up some important new policies, and rethinking the roles of Elders and Deacons for the work of ministry ahead. 


Perhaps the biggest outcome of the meeting came in the landslide vote in favor of fixing the church’s AC units and remodeling the Parsonage. More than 90% of the members in attendance (74) voted in favor of the two motions as presented. This mandate will mean that the Elders will move forward with the plan and ask the Facilities Team to prepare a plan for getting these jobs moving and completed in the new year.  Thank you to the congregation for the overwhelming support affirming the Elder’s desire and decision (as constitutionally provided to move forward) on setting up a $350,000 line of credit and begin the necessary work of keeping up our facilities.


Once completed, the line of credit will be converted into a mortgage. Everyone was reminded that they can give directly to the Facilities Fund at any time if they would like to help minimize the church’s debt.   While we won’t do any major fund-raising, Pastor Craig and Marsha invited the “sitting” Elders and Elders “at-large” to join them in making a special contribution to the Facilities Fund to help reduce the needed line of credit and thereby the mortgage.  In the very near future Pastor Craig and Marsha will also be inviting the congregation to join them as well. 


The Elders want to, once again, thank the Facilities Team and the Staff for helping us get so seamlessly to this point in the process.  We know there is much to do, but by God’s grace and with a renewed hope in the coming of God’s Kingdom we shall continue to move forward together.  


Yours in the Service of our LORD,

Chris Firestone, Chairman

Paul Bialek, Vice-Chairman

Dale Houg, Secretary

Tim Higgins, Senior Pastor

Craig Baldacci

Ed Mar

Bill Schneeberger