Sport Camp Update – Plan B

The “Heart of a Champion” Sports Camp is on hold until next summer when we can safely meet in large groups again. 

*If you already signed up for sports camp, you will receive a refund soon.


Here is a fun, simple and free family alternative for the same week camp was planned for!
BOLT toward faith in Jesus


June 23-25

6:30 pm (or whatever dates/time works for your family)

Drive Thru ICE CREAM Treats on Friday, June 26 to celebrate
Check out the details below

What is it?

With minimal preparation and supplies, easy to follow instructions, and a video that leads you and your kids/family step-by-step through each of the 3 days, BOLT is designed to bring all of the fun and faith-formation of Vacation Bible School to the cozy confines of your home. It’s so simple!  It is designed for ages 5 and up but we added simpler crafts for younger kids and the games can easily be tweaked for younger kids.

How does it work?

Step 1: Sign up by emailing Jayne at  Put BOLT in the subject line.  Then I will send you the link and materials.  If the dates don’t work for you, no problem, do it anytime over the summer.  Tell your friends!

Step 2: Gather a few materials. During BOLT, kids will be playing games and doing origami (other crafts added for younger kids).  Everything has been designed to be performed with minimal materials—materials that you will most likely have around the house or can easily and inexpensively purchase at a local store.

Step 3: Press play. When you’re ready, gather the kids around and press play on the video. Each video will lead you and the kids through the entire experience. Occasionally, the video will ask you to pause and do something. When you’re finished doing it, press play again

 Step 4: Play the games. When the video prompts you to, press pause and lead the kids in playing the games. Each day has 3 games. One of the games each day is demonstrated in the video, the other two are not. There’s no rush to get through the games, so take your time and have fun. When you’re finished, give the kids a snack, open a Bible and have someone read the verses indicated on the screen, then press play again.  They are also some “no supplies needed” game options.

Step 5: It’s origami time. For the craft, kids will be doing origami. It’s so simple, yet fun! The video will show them exactly what to do. Just have some square pieces of paper ready to go. You can buy colored, square origami paper online or just cut a piece of white paper into a square yourself.

Younger Kids Craft Option:  (make the Origami for them and let them color it) and/or use the crafts we added.

Take some pictures and/or video clips, we would love to put something together and share it with all the families that participated and our church family.

On Friday, we will Celebrate with an Ice cream Drive-Thru from 6:30-7:30pm at North Sub