Project Share 11.18.19

“We are called by God to aid the vulnerable.  Therefore, we must see the alien and the stranger as individuals made in the image of God, the object of Christ’s love and as people of intrinsic worth who are in need of our affirmation and support.”

                                                                                General Conference, EFCA adopted in 1996
Helping to care for those who are vulnerable, oppressed, hurting, needy, and on the fringe of society is commanded by God in His Word. Consider God’s Word in the Old Testament that directed God’s people to provide for the widows within the community by requiring those who farmed to leave the edges of their crops unharvested so the widows could glean food from the unharvested crop, (Lev 19:9-10).  Consider God’s Word in the New Testament that admonishes those who have sufficient means to help and assist others to do so out of love, (1 John 3:17). Consider that our Lord Jesus said that how we are to relate to others in need is the same thing as relating to him, (Mat 25:31-45).
Since 2005, North Sub has responded by blessing the under-resourced with a special food basket the week of Thanksgiving. Since then, we have provided 15,942 food baskets through 13 or so ministry partners serving the Chicago-land area.  For some families, the basket of food lasts the entire week of Thanksgiving.  For others it provides a special meal on Thanksgiving Day and reason to thank God for His kindness and generosity to them. We have even heard how blessed people felt by the laundry basket we use to contain all the food provided for each recipient. We call this special ministry PROJECT SHARE.
This year, we sought once again to raise monies so that we can purchase food at cost through the generosity of Sunset Foods, purchase laundry baskets at cost through the generosity of Lou Malnati’s, and work together with neighbors and friends to pack the baskets that will go out in the name of Jesus.
Our financial goal was $34,000.  Thanks to your generosity, we will be able to provide food for 1200 families, far exceeding our goal of 900 baskets, along with extra funds we will be able to carry over for next year. 
The morning of Saturday, November 23rd from 8:30-11:30am is set aside for packing the foods baskets.  Just like last year, Adat Hatikvah will forgo their worship service to join us in this mitzvah. We will end our time together by worshiping in song and eating pie!
As in years past, please help us bless under-resourced people and families in the name of Jesus.  Let’s pull together to spread the love of Jesus in our local communities!
If you have any questions contact Karen Santelik at