Parsonage Update 9.19.19

As previously mentioned in the 9.12.19 update and the document sent out in mid-August entitled “2019 Facilities Recommendation” the Elders determined to go ahead and do the minimal work of making sure the Parsonage is “dry” before the wet season is upon us. This will allow us to use the structure any way we choose in the future. It is being paid for by using an anonymous gift that was given with the direction that it may be used where the Elders decide.
Last week, 2 layers of roofing shingles were torn off the Parsonage. Any damaged sheeting used for the roof were replaced, and new roofing shingles were installed. This will ensure that the Parsonage will not leak from above.
This week, the 2 oil tanks in the basement were drained. The 2 tanks will be removed later.  Also this week, workers dug a small trench along the inside of the Parsonage basement foundation. Stone and drain tile will be installed in that trench in order to capture leaks along the foundation. This water will drain into a sump hole, where a sump pump will eject the water into the yard and away from the Parsonage. Once completed, the basement should not have any more leaks and workers can begin abating the mold.
We will give you more information at the Town Hall Meeting on Sunday, September 29th after church.