Parsonage Update 9.12.19

In August, the Elders decided it was in the best interest of our church’s mission to renovate the Parsonage. While we considered several options from storage to living quarters for staff, our recommendation and plan is to renovate the Parsonage so that Alex Rodriguez, Director of Student Ministries, and his family can live there.
In the 2019 Facilities Recommendation sent to the congregation in mid-August, we identified our decision to use funds from an anonymous gift to begin the minimal necessary work of preserving the Parsonage. In particular, we wanted to make sure the Parsonage is dry before the wet season is upon us. This includes foundation work in the basement, tearing off the two roofs and replacing them with a new roof, mold abatement, and clearing out rooms, kitchen, and basement. The work is estimated to be less than $35,000.
Contractors began working on the parsonage last week by clearing out all the rooms, kitchen, and basement. This week they drained and removed two oil tanks in the basement. In addition, they began working on tearing off the old roof and replacing it.
We’ll give you another update at the Town Hall Meeting, Sunday, September 29th.