New Sermon Series – Isaiah: Judgment and Hope

It is with great anticipation that we look ahead to this Sunday, March 24th, when Pastor Craig will kick off a new sermon series entitled “Isaiah: Judgment and Hope.” In this series, we will be working chapter-by-chapter through all or part of the Old Testament book of Isaiah – we will cover the first five chapters before Easter and launch into chapters six through twelve right after Easter.
Isaiah is sometimes called “the fifth gospel” because, despite being written 700 years before the coming of Messiah, its sixty-six chapters vividly spell out the good news of this Messiah and what He will come to accomplish. Indeed, Isaiah is rich regarding all four of the portions of a full presentation of the gospel: (1) God, the sole creator of the universe and sovereign Lord of history, (2) sin, the rebellion engaged in by the peoples of the world as they puff themselves up with pride and worship the created instead of the creator, (3) Messiah, spoken of in this book both as the exalted king from David’s line and as the lowly “Servant of the Lord” who will lay down his life for his people, (4) salvation, seen in Isaiah as deliverance from foreign powers and as the restoration of a remnant of God’s people for a glorious future in New Jerusalem.
However, Isaiah does not envision God’s people arriving in New Jerusalem without great hardship. In chapter after chapter, Isaiah juxtaposes some of the most glorious pictures in the whole Bible of future hope with some of the bleakest pictures in the whole Bible of painful judgment. However, for the remnant of God’s people, this judgment is of the purifying sort – not like a fire that destroys but rather like a fire that refines.
As you prepare for this sermon series, you might consider preparing your heart in three ways:
– Read Isaiah 1-5 devotionally on your own. Some commentators have called these first five chapters a snapshot of the whole book in miniature.
– Watch these short videos that summarize the book as a whole. This may help orient you to the totality of Isaiah’s message.
– Pray with us that God will prepare our hearts to receive what He has for us in Isaiah – both a word of rebuke for our failure to live up to our calling and a word of hope regarding the glorious salvation that is ours in Messiah.