Kindergarten/1st Grade Bibles & Kids Ministry Drive Thru

Kindergarten/1st Grade Bible Presentation 
Parents presenting Bibles to their kids communicates its great value. What a joy to hear parents share what the Bible means to them and why they want to give it to their kids. Please pray for these families as they seek to make it real and relevant in everyday life. A big thanks to Beth Firestone and Katie Schmidt as they shared with the kids as well. Check out these fun pictures. Congratulations to the kids who received Bibles: Raven K, Nancy K, Mia B, Gaven R, Boris D, Alex R, Leah C, Grace C.
Kids Ministry Drive Thru- Summer Program Kick Off
Sunday, May 31, 3-4 pm at North Sub
Bring the family and Drive Thru to pick up your summer kick off bag, recite Psalm 23 for a prize (optional), and get some ice cream! It will be fun to see you even though it will be 6 feet away and with masks on… I wonder if your family will be able to guess who’s behind each mask? If your kids have colored the picture sent out earlier, please bring it!