Jan 2019 Congregational Meeting Minutes

Attendance and Quorum   There were 67 members in attendance.  The membership is 201, and a quorum is 20% of that, or 41 members, so we had more than a quorum.


Opening The meeting was called to order shortly after noon by Church Vice-Chair Mike Lopata.  Lindsey Fensler led the congregation in prayer.


Minutes of previous meetings The minutes of the October 21, 2018 Congregational meeting had been emailed to the congregation the prior week. It was moved and seconded to approve those minutes.  Motion passed.


Financial Reports Laurence Claus, church treasurer, presented the financial report for the three quarters of the 2018-19 fiscal year. The first two quarters had been good, but in the third quarter giving fell behind budget. Contributions to the operating fund were $544,307 and the budget was $591,341, a shortfall of $47,034.   Total revenues, which includes contributions, rent, fund transfers, investment income, etc., were $563,009, compared to a budget of $628,091, a shortfall of $65,082.  Total revenues were reduced by investment losses of $16,473, but those losses are “paper losses” and are of less concern because we don’t plan to sell those investments. Expenses through the third quarter were $590,169, compared to a budget of $617,072, meaning expenses were under budget by $26,903. Total revenue is $563,009 and total expenses is $590,169, a difference of -$27,160. Starting January 1, 2019, the church is offering a group health plan for full-time staff, if they choose to participate.


Restore and Renew Ken Bryan reported on the Restore and Renew program. The total giving was over $245,000. The work already completed included items to update and modernize the building:  painting, carpeting, landscaping, exterior lighting, furniture, TV’s, Café, and library. Important repairs/replacements done included fencing, exterior entrance doors, roof, and admin HVAC. The project also improved security for children downstairs. There is some work remaining: fire alarm devices, refrigerator, sub-woofer, additional furniture for Hospitality, and duct work replacement on roof.  Ken thanked the many people (30-40) who did volunteer work as part of Restore and Renew.


Facilities Report Ken Bryan gave the Facilities Report.  Ken leads the facilities team consisting of John Durham, Scott Krone, and Tom Hudson.  These men have professional skills related to building maintenance, so we are fortunate to have their expertise.   The team oversees maintenance and repair to the building. Ken wanted to make us aware of the state of several components of the building ‘infrastructure’, such as the 2 boilers, the 4 roof top air conditioners, the cooling tower, and the flat roof. The good news is that these have been well-maintained and we have gotten more years out of them than we would normally expect. However, one of these could break at any time, requiring extra expense to repair or replace them. Ken commented that the Lord has faithfully provided for this church for years.

Question & Answers There was a time of Q&A, about the financial report, the facilities report, and Restore and Renew. There was a question related to the investment of church funds. Some of the funds are in investments where the value can go up or down, but some of these investments can still produce income.
Old Business Staffing Update  Pastor Craig reported on staff changes this year. Robert is now full-time as Worship Arts Director and Alex was hired as Director of Student ministries. Alex is starting out well in his new job.
New Business Elders and Officers Mike Lopata said that new elders and the church offices will be voted on in the annual meeting in April. There are forms to nominate candidates. Before nominating someone, check with that person first. Nomination forms should be submitted by February 28.
2019-20 Budget Mike Lopata said that setting the budget for the new fiscal year is a significant process and the congregation will be given an opportunity to give input.   Some considerations regarding the budget:
  • The church does not routinely budget for maintenance items, but maybe we should.
  • Providing health insurance for staff is important, but it does have a significant cost.
  • Giving has lagged behind budget this year. What should we do next year?

Congregational Input We had a time of congregational input.  The congregation broke into 4 groups, with one of the elders acting as recording secretary for each group.  We were asked 3 questions:

  1. 2019-20 Budget Concerns or Ideas
  2. How can the elders/staff/deaconate serve you better?
  3. Other concerns?
After the break-out sessions everyone came together and each group listed the input from that group.
Adjournment We closed in prayer
The meeting was adjourned.
Approval of Minutes
These minutes have not yet been approved.