Family Fun Night March 3

Sign up for this special night of fun, giving to others, and making a plan together as a family for the weeks leading
up to Easter. Rather than the usual $10/family to cover dinner, we will ask you to bring one food item (box of crackers, etc)
as well as items to add to Easter bags to be given to kids through the Deerfield Food Pantry.


Faithful Endurance Sermon Series

Join us each Sunday at 10:30am as we work through Paul’s second letter to Timothy. 2 Timothy is widely regarded as
Paul’s last letter, and it is one of his most pastoral. In this
letter, we have some of Paul’s final words to his protégé,
whom he had discipled for years prior. What better place
to learn about discipleship than in a letter from one of the church’s great disciplemakers to one of his primary disciples?


2017 Messianic Passover Seder

Northbrook, IL | Renaissance Chicago North Shore Hotel

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 from 6-8pm
Click read more for information and tickets


Parents Night Out Feb 10

We are glad to be able to offer a free night out to parents near Valentines Day. We hope it will be a blessing to you. Your kids can look forward to a night of fun around a Winter Olympics Theme. There will be pizza for dinner, Olympic games on “ice” and other fun activities as well as the movie BALTO. This is a great movie based on a true story with lots of great lessons for kids. The Truth Nugget kids will hear is that God made us just who we are and wants to use us to help others.


Intergenerational Game Night

There is something special about all ages interacting together. Game Night is a great place for that to happen! Join us for this intergenerational low key time of games and activities for all ages. If you aren’t a game lover, you can still have fun hanging out and interacting! We would love for everyone to come! No need to sign up, just come and bring a snack to share! If you have a favorite game, bring that too.This is also a great place to bring friends!