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Senior Pastor Candidate Videos

Picture Directory Update

We will be releasing our picture directory soon.  You will be notified in the Highlights section when it is available.  There will be a link to access it electronically.  Printed copies will be made available upon request at that time.  The pictures will be identified with first and last names only.  For security reasons and because our children are important to us, their names will not be included with the pictures.  If you did submit a family picture and want to change it or if you’ve decided you don’t want it included; please contact  Karen Santelik at  Our regular directory with addresses and phone numbers only will still be available in hard copy at the Guest Services counter.

DivorceCare 2019

If you or someone you know is experiencing separation or divorce, DivorceCare is a support group that can help. You do not have to go through this alone. This is a place where you can hear valuable information from a non-denominational Christian perspective about ways to heal from the hurt of divorce.  The 11 week session will begin on June 4 and will meet every Tues from 6:30-8:30pm in the Hospitality Room. There is a one time fee of $25 to purchase materials.  For more information or to register, contact Karen at or 847-580-5757.

Jan 2019 Congregational Meeting Minutes

Attendance and Quorum   There were 67 members in attendance.  The membership is 201, and a quorum is 20% of that, or 41 members, so we had more than a quorum.


Opening The meeting was called to order shortly after noon by Church Vice-Chair Mike Lopata.  Lindsey Fensler led the congregation in prayer.


Minutes of previous meetings The minutes of the October 21, 2018 Congregational meeting had been emailed to the congregation the prior week. It was moved and seconded to approve those minutes.  Motion passed.


Financial Reports Laurence Claus, church treasurer, presented the financial report for the three quarters of the 2018-19 fiscal year. The first two quarters had been good, but in the third quarter giving fell behind budget. Contributions to the operating fund were $544,307 and the budget was $591,341, a shortfall of $47,034.   Total revenues, which includes contributions, rent, fund transfers, investment income, etc., were $563,009, compared to a budget of $628,091, a shortfall of $65,082.  Total revenues were reduced by investment losses of $16,473, but those losses are “paper losses” and are of less concern because we don’t plan to sell those investments. Expenses through the third quarter were $590,169, compared to a budget of $617,072, meaning expenses were under budget by $26,903. Total revenue is $563,009 and total expenses is $590,169, a difference of -$27,160. Starting January 1, 2019, the church is offering a group health plan for full-time staff, if they choose to participate.


Restore and Renew Ken Bryan reported on the Restore and Renew program. The total giving was over $245,000. The work already completed included items to update and modernize the building:  painting, carpeting, landscaping, exterior lighting, furniture, TV’s, Café, and library. Important repairs/replacements done included fencing, exterior entrance doors, roof, and admin HVAC. The project also improved security for children downstairs. There is some work remaining: fire alarm devices, refrigerator, sub-woofer, additional furniture for Hospitality, and duct work replacement on roof.  Ken thanked the many people (30-40) who did volunteer work as part of Restore and Renew.


Facilities Report Ken Bryan gave the Facilities Report.  Ken leads the facilities team consisting of John Durham, Scott Krone, and Tom Hudson.  These men have professional skills related to building maintenance, so we are fortunate to have their expertise.   The team oversees maintenance and repair to the building. Ken wanted to make us aware of the state of several components of the building ‘infrastructure’, such as the 2 boilers, the 4 roof top air conditioners, the cooling tower, and the flat roof. The good news is that these have been well-maintained and we have gotten more years out of them than we would normally expect. However, one of these could break at any time, requiring extra expense to repair or replace them. Ken commented that the Lord has faithfully provided for this church for years.

Question & Answers There was a time of Q&A, about the financial report, the facilities report, and Restore and Renew. There was a question related to the investment of church funds. Some of the funds are in investments where the value can go up or down, but some of these investments can still produce income.
Old Business Staffing Update  Pastor Craig reported on staff changes this year. Robert is now full-time as Worship Arts Director and Alex was hired as Director of Student ministries. Alex is starting out well in his new job.
New Business Elders and Officers Mike Lopata said that new elders and the church offices will be voted on in the annual meeting in April. There are forms to nominate candidates. Before nominating someone, check with that person first. Nomination forms should be submitted by February 28.
2019-20 Budget Mike Lopata said that setting the budget for the new fiscal year is a significant process and the congregation will be given an opportunity to give input.   Some considerations regarding the budget:
  • The church does not routinely budget for maintenance items, but maybe we should.
  • Providing health insurance for staff is important, but it does have a significant cost.
  • Giving has lagged behind budget this year. What should we do next year?

Congregational Input We had a time of congregational input.  The congregation broke into 4 groups, with one of the elders acting as recording secretary for each group.  We were asked 3 questions:

  1. 2019-20 Budget Concerns or Ideas
  2. How can the elders/staff/deaconate serve you better?
  3. Other concerns?
After the break-out sessions everyone came together and each group listed the input from that group.
Adjournment We closed in prayer
The meeting was adjourned.
Approval of Minutes
These minutes have not yet been approved.

Elder Bios for 4.28.19

Biographies of Elder Nominees

Bio for Chris Firestone
Chris Firestone has been a member of the church for 17 years, and has been a Christian since childhood. He graduated with an MA from TEDS in 1993. He previously served as an Elder from 2008 to 2014, and Elder Chairman from 2011 to 2014. He is a philosophy professor at Trinity College. He and his wife Beth met at Trinity in 1991 and were married at St. Louis Park Evangelical Free Church in Minnesota in 1992; they have five children: Hannah, Matthew, Emma, Rebekah, and Andrew. The first is in college, the second is in the Army, the third and fourth are at Deerfield High School, and the fifth is home schooled in 7th grade.

Bio for Paul Bialek
Paul Bialek has been a member of the church for 23 years, and has been a Christian since 1984. He previously served as an Elder from 2009 to 2015. He is a mathematics professor at Trinity. He and his wife Nancy were married at North Suburban in 1998; they have three daughters: Miranda, Summer, and Annalise.

Sr. Pastor Qualifications Criteria

Proposed by the Pastoral Transition Advisory Team
Context & Background
The “Pastoral Transition Advisory Team” (PTAT) was created by the Elders in January 2019 to advise them on how best to plan for and execute a smooth transition of Church leadership to a new Senior Pastor over the next 2 years, consistent with Pastor Craig’s planned retirement timeline. Acting purely in an advisory capacity, this team has been tasked with laying out a proposed path for the Elders to pursue and in advising on how best to execute on that path. One of the key deliverables of this team was to develop a list of criteria for the ideal Senior Pastor candidate to take over from Pastor Craig for Elder consideration and input. This involved engagement with the Elders to understand what they feel are the critical search criteria that best align with the areas of focused Church development going forward as well as taking into consideration other sources of input. Below is the criteria that the PTAT has developed to drive the assessment for candidates to take over the Senior Pastor role at North Suburban Church. The criteria allows for Pastor Tim to qualify to be considered but is not structured around his personnel gifts and skills but is written to grasp what is seen as the top criteria priorities in a future senior pastor for the Church going forward.
Education, Ordination & Work Experience
• Master of Divinity or equivalent degree from an accredited theological seminary or divinity school.
• Ordination or licensure by a recognized denomination or church organization.
• Must wholeheartedly affirm North Suburban’s Statement of Faith.
• In full agreement with North Sub’s core values and marks of a disciple
• Willing to affiliate with the EFCA and begin the denomination’s ordination process within a year
• Has a minimum of five years in full-time pastoral ministry or similar ministry experience with exceptional preaching skills and leadership abilities.
• Ministry experience in a large-city suburban setting preferred.
• Track record of operating as a “Team Player” with proven abilities to:
     -Recruit, motivate, organize and empower winning teams 
     -Develop and equip Staff as well as other leaders within the Congregation.
Spiritual Characteristics
• Meets the qualifications for Eldership as found in the following passages of Scripture: 1 Timothy 3: 1-7, Titus 1: 6-9 and 1 Peter 5:1-3.
• Primary focus on spiritual gifts of preaching and teaching with a secondary focus on gifts of evangelism and missional living.
• Theologically, he must place emphasis on the authority of the Bible as the inerrant Word of God and the final authority for faith and practice.
• Exhibits a high degree of authentic self-awareness of his own brokenness and leads as his transformed self in Christ’s likeness.
• He must exhibit a deep, authentic and contagious personal relationship with Jesus Christ evidenced by a life of faith and obedience to God’s Word.
• Engages in regular accountability and active soul care, creating the conditions for transformation by engaging spiritual disciplines that make himself available for the work only God can do.
Preaching Style
• Biblical, theological, and communication excellence for life-transforming impact within contemporary culture
• Able to approach controversial issues (e.g. abortion, divorce, homosexuality, race, wealth, etc.) with a sensitive balance between teaching Biblical truth and expressing grace
• Takes the truth of God’s Word and communicates it in the language of the marketplace, speaking to both the felt needs and spiritual needs of the people.
• Priorities for preaching abilities include: 
        -Ultimate respect for the authority and power of Scripture; sermons emerge from Biblical truths rather than from merely                    “applying” Scripture to the content 
        -Sermons that have the goal of life transformation versus being merely informational 
        -Emphasis on life application and infused with real life stories and examples 
 -By the leading of the Holy Spirit, able to guide worship and provide a sense of reverence and awe for God and prepare,           instruct, connect and engage the body of Christ in worship
Missional Leadership Criteria
• Recognizes that the church is a missional entity sent by a sending God. North Sub sends its members out among people in our community rather than attempting just to attract people from our community in among the people of the church.
• Demonstrates and encourages Christlikeness to those we are called to reach and serve, creating time and space to be involved with the lives of people outside the church that will lead to opportunities for tangible acts of love and sacrifice.
• Has the ability to motivate and equip others to evangelize
• Able to integrate an understanding of the distinct North Shore culture into outreach efforts
Leadership Skills & Abilities
• Strong interpersonal skills in his ability to engage and interact effectively with the various segments of the congregation as well as the community at large.
• Practices servant leadership and is humbly willing to receive input and feedback from others • Evidence of a shepherd leader, with experience as a mentor, coach and discipler, particularly in developing staff and leaders within the Congregation.
• Encourages discipleship and has the ability to integrate this into the church’s culture.
• Demonstrated ability to inspire lay leadership and volunteer involvement. Implements initiatives to equip the congregation.
• The ability to gain the trust and confidence of the congregation
• A leader who can face and resolve conflict and who can model and teach healthy, biblically based conflict resolution skills.
• Demonstrates the ability and desire to build consensus
• Committed to working with a plurality of elders and a team-based model of ministry

Letter to North Sub

To the Elders, Staff, and Congregation of North Sub,
When Marsha and I came to North Sub in May of 2012, it was my plan, Lord willing, to work for 10 more years, until I was 70. I was filled with enthusiasm and direction. But our plans are not always the Lord’s plans. Marsha and I believe the Lord is leading us to retirement from North Sub earlier. We are up here to tell you that I have established a target date for retirement from any time between the end of March, 2020 to mid-May, 2021. While this may seem like a long time away, it is not. It is essentially one year away. And I have extended the timeline in order to assist the church in making sure there is a smooth transition of leadership.
Marsha and I believe this is God’s timing and leading. About 20 months ago, while on vacation, I spent much time in prayer considering my goals for the next 4 to 5 years. God gave me a picture of a baton being passed between two runners at a track meet. I knew exactly what this meant. God wanted me to make a smooth transition in Senior Pastor leadership so that the church will flourish. When I returned home, I shared this vision with the Elder Chair and Vice Chair. Shortly thereafter, I shared it with the Elders.
Before I tell you a little more about why I think this is God’s timing, I’d like to recount some of what the Lord has done with us during my time here. When I came, I established 4 leadership principles to guide me and us as a church. 1) The first principle was to develop healthy leadership teams that are both empowered and accountable, beginning with the staff and elders all the way down to the level of ministry leaders. The second principle was to ensure that we are a spiritually, healthy church. Having been without a Senior Pastor for 4 years, this involved raising the church’s morale and renewed sense of confidence in God by making sure that we had some ministry wins to celebrate. It also involved re-engineering and re-energizing Life Group Ministry. Once these things were done, we used a ministry, metric tool known as Natural Church Development (NCD) to help evaluate the health of our church based upon 8 biblical characteristics. Our first NCD survey and initiative was undertaken in 2015. It identified the area of Worship as needing renewal. Having Spirt-led Worship is one of our core values as a church. Led by an NCD Team and Worship Staff, we worked to develop the vertical dimension of worship with God as well as the horizontal dimension of worshipping the Lord together. Having completed this work, we undertook a new NCD survey in late 2017. It identified the area of Needs-Oriented Evangelism as a new focus. A new NCD Team helped to generate a new initiative in 2018. This was unfolded to the congregation in February of this year and will extend into the future for 18 months. 3) The third principle that helped to direct us was to ensure Missional and Organizational Clarity and Alignment. By 2014, the church established a new mission and vision that was crisp … memorable … and inspiring. It committed us in the service of the Lord to “move people from the Well … to the Word … to the World.“ Since then, the church has been restructured, organizationally around that mission and vision. The fourth principle was to leverage Strategic relationships. This included making connections with other local churches at the pastoral level, reconnecting at a deeper level with the EFCA, continuing our deep connection with Trinity, and a commitment to ministry toward the Jewish community by working to further support and partner with the messianic community of Adat Hatikvah.
Of course, there have been many other things that God has done through us as well such as replacing the Parking Lot (where cars were known to float away in a heavy rain) … repairing, updating, and remodeling our facilities … creating additional security for our kids … navigating a serious, pastoral, misconduct event … learning how to discern and rely more upon the Holy Spirit … expanding our commitment to build into future leaders by finding ways to connect with and utilize Trinity students … just to name a few. There is still more for us to do, especially when it comes to the new, local outreach NCD Initiative. Needless to say, it has been filled with much joy and even fun. God has been and is amazing through it all! Marsha and I want you to know that we think you are also amazing people! It is a joy and an honor for us to serve the Lord with you.
Getting back to the timing of this announcement, you might be wondering what else makes me think this is God’s timing? Over the last year or so, as we have faced changes in worship attendance and budget number. Some of you have asked and wondered what this means? I am convinced and have been convinced since I saw it 12 months ago that, in part, it is “God on the move” … pruning our church … getting us ready for a NEW THING THAT HE WANTS TO DO! I am very excited about this! In addition, Marsha and I want you to know as we consider our own personal circumstances … the health scare I underwent … we have come to realize that God wants to do a new thing with us. I am very excited about this also.
It might seem that making this announcement now is early. In my opinion it is not. Everything in the church takes longer than anyone expects. Having sufficient time for this will help the church do a good job of filling the role. Notifying the congregation ahead with this much lead time will help you to better understand what has been happening and what will need to be happening as we walk into the future. Marsha and I want to see North Sub flourish in every way imaginable. This is why we are laying this out this time now. We believe it serves our Lord, … you, the church … and our family well.
Before I close, there is one more thing I want to say. I don’t know who God has in mind to replace me as the next Senior Pastor. Two things I know. First, he will be different. His giftings will be different. His style will be different. This is a good thing. You want him to be the man God made him to be. I pray and hope that you will be able to embrace him fully and love him and his family as you have loved our family. Second, I want to say that Pastor Tim is ready to be a Senior Pastor … at any church. We have spent much time together over the last 3 years. I have been intentional about building into him throughout that time, making sure that he has had the opportunity to experience and participate in the inner workings of leadership far beyond his job description. He has been a remarkable ministry partner and proven himself in every way. I am convinced that Pastor Tim is going to be an amazing Senior Pastor. He is a godly man, who loves the Lord and loves the Lord’s Word … He is a good, loving, family man … intelligent … wise … gifted … loving and concerned for the people … and sensitive the leading of the Holy Spirit. I have witnessed, time and again, how the Lord’s hand is upon him. I don’t know what you will do with regard to him … but I do know that should you choose him ….. and should he choose you back … he is ready. Pastor Tim has my every confidence!
I look forward to the new adventure of faith that we are all about to undertake together over this time. Marsha and I pray that we will do so with eager expectation for the NEW THING that God is about to do. As C. S. Lewis wrote, “Aslan is on the move.”
To God be the glory, great things He has done … and great things He will do again!
God bless you,
Craig and Marsha Baldacci

Elder Comments on Pastor Craig’s Announcement

First, I want to take a moment to thank Pastor Craig and Marsha for their years of love, devotion, leadership, and faithful service in always doing what is best for this church.  Craig – you have shown all of us your deep love and have always served God’s people in a way that honors Christ and encourages His church.  Sharing your heart on where you feel God is calling you and your commitment to ensuring a smooth and well-thought-out leadership transition is yet another way in which you have shown us what true Christian love and servant-leadership looks like.  We have been so blessed by your and Marsha’s 7 years of loving service to our Congregation, and we want to pause for a moment to show you both how much we love and deeply appreciate your care for each one of us. While we will have many more Sundays before any change takes place, we’d like to pause to show you our gratitude and love to both of you.
But just to level-set everyone, today is NOT good bye, but rather it’s the kick off for what we hope to be a smooth, well-planned and well-communicated transition for the leadership of North Suburban where we all have a part to play.  While we are sharing this news with you this morning for the first time, we want you to know that Craig has been sharing his timeline with the Elders for the last 12 months, so we have been actively engaged with Craig to lay out what we believe will be smooth leadership transition that honors God and honors Craig and Marsha.
As a church you need to know that Pastor Craig has given this church the wonderful gift of time to transition from him being senior pastor to the next senior pastor.  On behalf of the church, the Elders again want to thank him for this tremendous gift as he is giving the church ample time to make this transition happen.  To some degree this announcement should not come as a surprise.  When we chose Pastor Craig he was clear that he would be here for a limited time and seek to help lead the congregation and prepare the congregation for the next senior pastor as he heads toward retirement.  We are deeply appreciative of his service and leadership in helping us prepare for the future, and we can say with certainty that Craig is ensuring that he is finishing his “4th Quarter” with love and grace!
Let me take a moment to share how we are partnering with Craig to ensure a smooth leadership transition. Over the last couple of months, knowing Craig’s intentions, the Elders have begun preparing for this day to make this announcement.  Let me share with you what we have done and how we planning to move forward.
The Elders created a “Pastoral Transition Advisory Team” in January 2019 to advise them on how best to plan for and execute a smooth transition of Church leadership to a new Senior Pastor consistent with Pastor Craig’s planned retirement timeline.  The members of the PTAT are myself as chair, Louise Bell, Sharon Krone, Laurence Claus and Ken Bryan.
Acting purely in an advisory capacity, this team has been tasked with laying out a proposed path for the Elders to pursue and advising them on how best to execute on that path. One of the key deliverables of this team was to develop a list of qualification criteria for the ideal Senior Pastor candidate to take over from Pastor Craig for Elder consideration and input. This involved engagement with the Elders, Pastor Craig and Pastor Tim to understand what they feel are the critical search qualification that best align with the areas of focused Church development going forward and where God is calling North Sub.
At our most recent Elder Board meeting last Monday, the PTAT presented the draft Senior Pastor Qualification Criteria which was edited and approved by the Elder Board.  This criteria remains in draft form because we plan to seek additional input from the Congregation at large.  The draft of the criteria will be shared with the Congregation this week and over the coming weeks the PTAT will seek comment and input into this draft criteria from additional members of the congregation before we finalize it.
The Elders want you as a Congregation to know that our first priority is to discern God’s will for our Church.  The discipline of discernment is based on:
  1. The belief in the goodness of God such that we are able to be wide open to whatever God’s will might be, and
  2. The belief that the Holy Spirit is given to help us know His will
Part of discernment is recognizing and responding to the presence and movement of God around us and the gifts that He has graciously blessed us with.  One of those gifts is the provision of Pastor Tim and his wonderful family.  Pastor Tim joined us three years ago as Associate Pastor and has contributed greatly to the life and health of our church.  We dearly love Tim and the incredible work that has already had a significant impact on our Congregation. So early in our transition planning process, the Elders shared with Pastor Tim our desire to consider him for the opportunity of becoming Senior Pastor here at North Sub and asked him to consider where God is calling him.  We have been keeping Pastor Tim well informed of the work the Elders and the PTAT have been doing, and he was actively engaged in helping to form and shape the qualification criteria for a future Senior Pastor.
From a process point of view, the congregation needs to know that our Church constitution calls for the Elders to make a recommendation for a new Senior Pastor and for the Congregation to vote on whom is selected.  Thus, church members will ultimately decide whom the next Senior Pastor will be.
It is the Elder’s full intent to actively engage the Congregation going forward in several ways to ensure your participation in the selection process of the next Senior Pastor.   We will be sharing additional communication over the coming weeks and months on how you can participate.  Just as the Elders have worked diligently to seek input on the budget, we will diligently seek your input on selecting a new Senior Pastor.
We are highly interested in considering Pastor Tim for this role, and as a congregation we may choose to simply seek him to be our next Senior Pastor and forego a national search. However, we feel that we must first work together to build a clear understanding of the type of Senior Pastor we believe will be best for our Church going forward.  Pastor Tim is fully aware and supportive of this approach and is actively engaged with both the Elders and the PTAT as we move forward though this process together.
While we continue to drive this process forward, the next two Sundays we as a Congregation need to focus on worshipping our Lord and Savior as we have Passion Week upon us with Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter services.  Thereafter, at the Annual Congregational Meeting we will have more information to share about the next steps in the work of the church in finding a new Senior Pastor.
Let me end by saying the Lord has graciously blessed his church with both Pastor Craig and Pastor Tim, and our hope and trust remains in the Lord to lead and bless this church yet again with a spirit of unity and love in finding our next Senior Pastor.  I call on all of us to pray for God’s guidance, for unity and for faith to trust in our Lord. Pray with us that we would be indifferent to anything but God’s will, that we would surrender our human wisdom in submission to God’s divine, holy and perfect plan for North Suburban Church.
Please let the Elders or members of the PTAT know of any comments you have or questions, and we look forward to continuing to share progress on this process over the coming weeks and months.
Let me close in prayer:
Lord God you have given us your son, Jesus, as the Savior of the world.  We long for your return when we can worship you face to face.  Until then, we thank you for the blessings of Craig and Marsha and of Tim and Sarah.   May your hand rest upon their lives and guide them.  May you also lead this congregation by your Holy Spirit, in unity and wisdom as we seek the next person to be our Senior Pastor.
The Elders

Bonus Content from March 3

Text Questions from March 3 “Marks of a Disciple: Being Accountable” 1 Cor 5:9-13
TEXT QUESTION 1: You mentioned that the unrepentant nature of the sexual sin the man continued to engage in could cause him to lose his salvation. Isn’t it more accurate to say that this man was never saved? You can’t lose your salvation, correct?
ANSWER: Thanks! You’re absolutely right. If our commitment to Jesus is real and true, then we will be changed … forever transformed and transforming. Jesus has that effect on us. We not only repent of our sin in that initial ask for forgiveness from Jesus and our commitment to Jesus … but we continue to repent of sins afterward, honestly confessing them and his forgiveness continues to cover us. Thus, Jesus is transforming us into a “new creation” that is more and more like him. This man clearly did not demonstrate evidence of the ongoing transformation of someone walking with Jesus … but of someone walking without Jesus.
I believe what Jesus said about not losing one of his sheep, John 10:28-29. We are safe in him. He will not let go of us. Genuine salvation is always secure. WE need not fear losing it. But if we sin, as this man did and refuse to repent of that sin, then we may or may not be genuinely saved. Please read below. It will help.
TEXT QUESTION 2: What do you mean it’s someone’s salvation … if that person is already saved?
ANSWER: I’m not exactly sure what you are asking. I imagine you’re asking if I am questioning the salvation of those who have committed their lives to Christ. Your point was that salvation is not questionable. It either is or it isn’t. This would be true!
But Jesus said, 21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.” Mat 7:21 There are people who claim Jesus is Lord, but they are not submitted to him. Jesus was talking about them. This unrepentant man was someone who claimed Jesus was his Lord. His membership in the Corinthian church confirmed this. But his unrepentant actions up to that point revealed Jesus was not his Lord … and, if not, he was not saved.
Given what we read, it appears that not all the evidence needed was in yet about whether he was a true believer and thus truly saved. Paul commanded them to start proceedings to expel this man from the church. The thought behind this was that perhaps, it would shake him up and cause him to come to his senses and repent. They were not to enable this man’s sin any longer and allow him to pretend he is walking with Jesus and he is saved. This is why Paul instructed them to turn this man over to Satan, 1 Cor 9:5. Once that is done … of there is no repentance, I believe the man can accurately be judged … not a true follower of Jesus. Thus, he would be unsaved. I assume the man most likely remained unrepentant.
TEXT QUESTION 3: Why didn’t Jesus correct Judas?
ANSWER: I’m not exactly sure how this question came up from the sermon, but the Spirit works in mysterious ways. That being said, it is a good question. I’ll do my best to answer it.
First of all, Jesus did correct Judas. This occurred when Judas challenged the action of the woman who anointed Jesus’ feet with an expensive perfume (John 12:4-8). This account is recorded in Matthew and Mark as well. But only John explains that Judas’ challenge regarding the money being better used for the poor was a ruse. Judas said this because he was greedy and wanted to be able to steal more money. John records that Judas was the treasurer and took money for himself from the purse.
Second, I imagine that Jesus corrected and rebuked Judas when he was wrong at other times … as Jesus likely did with all the disciples. I’m pretty sure not every rebuke from Jesus was recorded. But the ones we need to hear were!
If you are asking why didn’t Jesus save Judas from betraying him by correcting Judas, I do not know. I do not know if Jesus tried to do so or not during the times of rebuke and correction that went unrecorded. God’s Word is silent on this.
John 13 explains that during the final Passover dinner, Jesus told his disciples one of them would betray him. When John asked Jesus who was going to betray him, Jesus said that the one who dipped the bread at the same time as he did was the man. This was Judas. 27 Then after he had taken the morsel, Satan entered into him (Judas). Jesus said to him (Judas), “What you are going to do, do quickly.” John 13:27 Jesus knew who was going to betray him. We shouldn’t be surprised by this. Jesus is the Son of God. WE also know from 2 Old Testament prophecies that God’s Word predicted the Savior would be betrayed from among his friends … Ps 41:9 and Zech 11:12-13. Mat 26:14-16 and Mark 14:10-11 record that from the moment Jesus corrected Judas, when the woman anointed Jesus’ feet, Judas sought to betray Jesus.
Thanks for the questions, keep texting!