care and compassion
The Care & Compassion Ministry of North Suburban offers compassionate care and practical support for individuals, couples, and families in their time of need.  Whether you have a Christian church background, no faith background, or are of a different faith, you are welcome. The groups cover a wide variety of topics including the following:


This 13-week series is designed to help those experiencing marital separation or divorce to resolve their current struggles and identify the next steps in their healing process, to learn to deal with the pain of the past and rebuild their lives. The class includes video, discussion, and support.


FINALLY FREE:  Empowering Men to Live with Sexual Integrity 

Want a good definition for insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Tired of being stuck in a rut?  Do you feel helpless against the clutches of internet porn? Do you desire to live a wholesome life? Men, join us as we meet to discuss and offer solutions to these problems. Start your journey to freedom and come live in the light.                  

Thursday evenings.



This group is dedicated to helping spouses grieve the losses associated with their mate’s sexual addiction. It is a safe place to tell the truth, find freedom from codependency, confront the reality of powerlessness and live in fellowship. 

Thursday evenings.


In these safe and confidential groups, people come together to support one another for the purpose of learning and finding encouragement and hope. Anyone in a difficult situation and in need of counsel or support is invited to contact Karen
at 847-580-5757 or