Bonus Content from May 12th

Sermon Question from May 12 (Isaiah 8:8:1-22 by Pastor Craig)
TEXT QUESTION: What is the significance of repeating the phrase, “strap on your armor and be shattered; strap on your armor and be shattered,” in Isaiah 8:9?
ANSWER: Thanks for asking.
Scholars tell us that when there is a second imperative like this, it expresses the inevitability of the first imperative. In this case, it expresses the inevitability that the Assyrians will come warring against God’s people. They will “strap on their armor.” But It also expresses the inevitability of the beginning of verse 9. “Be broken, you peoples, and be shattered; give ear, all you far countries; strap on your armor and be shattered; strap on your armor and be shattered.” Isaiah 8:9 They will “be broken” and “shattered.”
This verse insists that the Assyrians will not be able to resist God from saving His people. It doesn’t matter how hard they fight or how powerful they are. The Assyrians will be “broken”… “shattered.” God promises that He will do this! He warns the other nations to pay attention to this. If they come against God and His people, God will do likewise to them.
History records this was precisely what happened. A plague decimated the Assyrian army the night before they were to attack Jerusalem. That night, 185,000 died. King Sennacherib returned to Ninevah with his army, (see 2 Kings 19:35-36).