Bonus Content from June 16th

There was one question texted in this week.  

Was the prophecy “shoot from Jesse” pointing to Judah and not to Benjamin’s shoot, the line of King Saul?

Since Jesse was from the tribe of Judah, this prophecy does preclude those from the tribe of Benjamin, including King Saul’s line. However, there are two reasons why I think neither “Judah vs. Benjamin” nor “David vs. Saul” is the main contrast being drawn here.
1) By Isaiah 11, it has been generations since the discussion of “house of Saul vs. house of David” was a pressing one.
2) If Jeremiah were first and foremost contrasting these two tribes, we might expect “a shoot from the stump of Judah,” pushing the prophecy back to David’s tribe. Instead, we have “a shoot from the stump of Jesse.” The analogous “stump” for Saul’s line would not be that of Benjamin, but rather that of Kish.
In other words, while many other Old Testament texts explicitly emphasize the special covenant made with David’s line over and against Saul’s line, I don’t see this as one of those texts. Of course, though, in order to be a shoot from Jesse, Messiah did have to be from the tribe of Judah and not from the tribe of Benjamin.