Associate Pastor, Youth and Family Ministry Search Team Update 5.21.2020

Dear North Sub Family,

As you may recall, the Search Team was created by Pastor Tim Higgins in April 2020 to advise on how best to plan and execute a smooth transition of Church leadership from our existing pastoral staff structure to the planned new structure of one full-time Senior Pastor and one full-time Associate Pastor. Chaired by Derek Sammann, the Search Team membership includes Sharon Krone, Sarah Nonnenmacher and Ken Bryan. Our overall goal is to try to have a candidate lined up to step into this new role as early as August 1st when Alex Rodriguez steps down from his role here at North Sub, so we have been working backwards from that day to set up our timeline.

To source the best candidate, two of the key deliverables of this team were to develop a list of “Qualification Criteria” for the ideal candidate as well as a specific Job Description for this newly-created role. Developing both of these documents for this unique role involved seeking input and feedback from multiple key stakeholder groups within our congregation including: Pastor Tim Higgins, the Deacons & Deaconesses, Youth Team leaders, parents, and select students. Having gathered detailed feedback from representatives from each of these groups of folks, we have now finalized these documents.  We want to share these with you as we prepare to post these documents externally to officially kick off our search process, so here are the final Qualification Criteria and Job Description documents that the Search Team has developed.

We are currently on track with our planned timeline, and we will now pivot to the next steps in this process.  This will involve posting this Job Description and a summarized version of the Qualification Criteria on our website as well as on multiple other sites where we believe we can source the best candidates. We have established a thorough candidate vetting process including multiple opportunities for different stakeholder groups to engage with potential candidates throughout the process, and we have set up a planned communications timeline to keep the Congregation updated on progress.  In the meantime, we would like to ask that you please raise this whole process up in prayer as a reminder that the Lord is sovereign in all of this.

Faithfully submitted,

The Search Team,

Sarah, Sharon, Ken and Derek