May 26, 2020


Dear Candidate for the Associate Pastor, Youth and Family Ministry Position,


North Suburban Church has announced a new full-time position opening at the church titled Associate Pastor, Youth and Family Ministry.  Information about the position can be found at the church’s website,  Please review the Job Description found in the home page website by clicking on “Associate Pastor Application Information”.  You will find additional information about the position, the church, and the forms you will need to complete.  


The Search Team at North Suburban EFCA is thankful for your interest in the position.  The church and its leaders are praying for God’s guidance and trusting in Him to lead the church to a qualified candidate.   


North Sub is a warm, friendly, dynamic and evangelistic church that is committed to its mission of bringing people to the Well, the Word and the World.  


The Search Team will do the initial screening of candidates and recommend candidates to the Senior Pastor and the elders for consideration.  Thus, there will typically be a five-part recruitment process for this position: Initial phone interview, Search Team interview, Senior Pastor Interview, Staff Interview and Select Members of the Church Interview.  Thereafter, the Senior Pastor and the elders will make a selection and make an offer to the final candidate.  The church is hoping to fill this position quickly but will wait upon the Lord for His timing.   


Please note, applicants will be moved forward to a short list before the final interview.  As you move through the process, you will be in communication with a member of the Search Team. You are encouraged to submit your completed application as soon as you can.  


Your application must be complete prior to the Search Team beginning the review process of your application.  To be complete, you need to:

  1. Meet the qualification requirements stated in the job description, 
  2. Meet the church bylaw requirements for the potential of being a future elder,
  3. Provide a current resume, 
  4. Complete the Application Form 
  5. Provide a letter of interest that addresses why you are interested in the opportunity.  

All information and forms are found on the church’s website.


We understand the importance of confidentiality in all matters including reference checking and will not check references prior to notifying you that you have reached that step in the process.   


At the appropriate time a background consent form and check will also be required.  


Send a completed application and all attachments to


In the information packet, you will find materials that are intended to give you insight into the opportunity and into the church body.  During the interview process the team and leaders of the organization look forward to deepening your understanding of North Sub and answering your questions.  


The Search Team is committed to serving you faithful as unto the Lord.  We will keep you informed along each step in the process.  The first step is to inform you your application is complete or not complete.  You will also be kept in our prayers that God will direct your paths and ours.  


The church strongly adheres to church’s Statement of Faith which is also the Statement of Faith of the EFCA and encourages all candidates to review this statement that is included in the application information.  


In all things, may the Lord be honored!




Derek Sammann

Chairman, Search Team
Click here for a PDF version of this document.