Ambition and Achievement Amidst Slowdowns and Setbacks

What if we could get a bunch of driven people into a “room” with a bunch of laid-back people to have a blunt conversation about ambition and achievement?
That’s what’s happening Thursday night!
We want you to join Thursday night’s conversation…


…If you’re driven

  • You nevertheless know people who don’t set goals, who live laid-back, who say they’re not trying to do anything… they’re just trying to be. Do you ever have a sneaking suspicion that maybe (at least to an extent) they are the ones getting it right?
  • Do you ever wonder if the level of your ambition is too excessive? Is it possible to be too ambitious? Or is any level of ambition acceptable as long as it is directed toward the “right” things? …But what are the “right” things, anyway?
  • Have you ever found yourself in a season – or are you in one now – when your drive and ambition seem to be suffering a setback? What do you do with your frustration when there is a roadblock in the path to achievement?


…If you’re laid back

  • Ever had anything you’ve wanted to say to the driven types who are always trying to get you to set goals? We want your perspective in the conversation during this interactive event!
  • But you might gain from this conversation, too. For example, have you ever considered that even the non-goal-setter may be chasing after goals, even in your non-goal-setting?
  • If you’ve found yourself bored during this quarantine, have you wondered whether there might be more? Whether something might exist worth becoming ambitious about?


…If you’re in school

  • Maybe you grew up being told you could do anything you want to be, that you’ll move mountains. But now that opportunity may have been removed by no fault of your own, how do you make sense of who you are and what your potential still is (or isn’t)?


If you’re a young professional

  • Have all your dreams led to you struggling through an uninspiring career, working longer hours than any generation in history yet unlikely to ever attain the standard of living you grew up with? What’s the meaning of it all?


…if you’re in “middlescence”

  • Are you still single? Or realizing that you’re probably never getting that promotion you’ve been sacrificing for? What’s left for you to dream about?


…if you’re retired

  • You worked so hard to be able to relax in retirement. Now retirement is turning out to be more stressful than your working years! What do you do with that disappointment and uncertainty?



Pastor Tim will be asking questions and responding to yours throughout this event. Topics to be discussed will include:

  • How we attempt to meet our felt needs for accomplishment
  • What we are chasing
  • Why there are goals we perceive to be valuable… yet we don’t end up putting the effort into going after them
  • What to do with frustrated dreams
  • The dangers of success
  • The relationship between ambition and humility
  • The drive for approval

…and more! Put Netflix on hold for a night; get your Zoom calls done early… and join us at 8pm CDT here: