Project Share2017

Come help us pack baskets on Saturday, November 18 from 8:30-11:30am at our church in the gym.
Every year for some time, North Suburban Church has done a compassion outreach in the fall.
In past years, that compassion outreach has been Project Share, a major undertaking in which we provide baskets to local ministries in the Chicagoland area who then make those baskets available to the underresourced families they serve.
This year, our fall compassion outreach is being expanded beyond Project Share. That’s because there is a pressing need among many – including brothers and sisters in our denomination – who have been hit by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Those affected include churches that Pastor Craig and Pastor Tim have had relationships with. Their people have been displaced, and they have lost a great deal. For that reason, in addition to Project Share, we are going to partner with the EFCA as they minister to those in Texas and Florida affected by the hurricanes.
We know there are still over 1200 families in Chicago who need to be fed and could use our baskets, so we have a dream that we would feed those 1200 families! And we are bold enough to dream that we would send relief funds to Florida and Houston as well. But the need is great, and we don’t know what God will do, so we’re wanting to take our hands off this and let the Holy Spirit speak to each of us.
We want what you and your family do to be a God decision, not a human decision. On a church level, we want to take seriously the third movement of our mission statement to send out empowered disciples to transform the world, and we want God to be the one to orchestrate how that plays out. Our prayer meeting on Monday night was a rich time of seeking God’s leading and blessing to that end. There will be more opportunities for prayer offered in the weeks to come. Please prayerfully consider how the Spirit might direct you to give… and be open to how God might stretch your faith!
to give. You can designate your fall compassion outreach giving for Project Share or for Hurricane Relief, or you can give to both.
One final note: in coming weeks (as we are able to pin down more details), we will also make you aware of opportunities to pay your own way to travel as part of a North Sub team to Texas or Florida to help with the EFCA’s rebuilding efforts.
Thank you for your prayerful consideration of how God might use you and your family to bless those in need, both locally and nationally.