Praying With Paul


Lent is a time of reflection, a time of contemplation. Many Christians fast during Lent to increase their dependence on God during the weeks leading up to Easter. This dependence is a distinguishing mark of a believer in Christ, especially in a culture that so values independence.

One of the main ways we demonstrate our dependence on God is through prayer. While our church is home to many individuals who are devoted to prayer, prayerfulness is not necessarily pervasive in our church culture. What if it could truly be said of us that we are a praying church?

Join us as we explore the prayers of Paul, a man whose story we have become familiar with in our study of Acts. Aided by a D.A. Carson book by the same title, we will see that Paul tends to pray for different things than we pray for. We may find in these five weeks that our prayer priorities are corrected by studying Paul’s prayers.

Sundays before Worship Service, Feb 18 – Mar 25,
Hospitality Room from 8:55-9:10am

Sundays after Worship Service, Feb 18 – Mar 25,
Auditorium  from 12:15 to 1pm

Wednesday Mornings, Feb 21, Mar 14, and Mar 21
Auditorium from 7 to 8am

Wednesday Evenings, Feb 28 and Mar 7
Auditorium from 6 to 7pm