Life Courses 2017

WHERE IN THE WORLD?  Doug Adams with Various Speakers, Gym

This is a so-called “World year” for our church, meaning that we are focusing on the third movement of our mission statement in 2017-2018. But what does it look like to be “sent out as empowered disciples to transform the world”? Come hear your brothers and sisters in the congregation share about the various ways in which they are involved in “World” ministries – you might just be inspired!


GOSPEL-SHAPED LIVING  Dr. Paul Bialek, Dr. Chris Firestone with Guest Teachers, Hospitality Rm

We all live at the “Well” when we are engaged in our everyday rhythms of home, work, and play. Those rhythms bring us into relationships with others – family members, neighbors, coworkers, supervisors, teammates, friends, etc. But how does the gospel form our lives in such a way that those relationships are maximally transformative? Come explore how to make our “Well” interactions more fruitful for the kingdom.


CHRIST, THE CENTER OF SCRIPTURE  Dr. Chuck Cruise with Guest Teachers, 2E

In this “Word” class, we will take three big strands from Scripture—Creation, Kingdom, and Covenant—and examine them through a Jesus-centered lens. Our goal is to see how all the parts of the Bible fit together and find their fulfillment in the Messiah. He will be, in other words, the final “stop” on our weekly train ride through the Old and New Testaments. Come join us for the journey!