Changes you can expect

What you can expect

As we work toward the Sept 9 launch of our new check-in/security system for kids, we wanted to let you know what you can expect.


  • We will begin with a soft start this Sunday, Aug 19 to work out the kinks of our computer check in system. Families will be directed downstairs to check in before service begins using the east stairs by the Sanctuary. 


  • In order to add provided security, you will find the west stairs roped off as we are encouraging everyone to start using the east stairs. We are hoping to have security doors installed by Sept 30 at the bottom of the west stairs to secure the downstairs.


  • Beginning Sept 9, the basement will only be available to those without kids before 9:15am, and from
    10:15-10:30am and after service. Downstairs will NOT BE AVAILABLE after 9:15am while classes are in session or during the worship service. Food ministry packing and pick up must happen before 9:00am and after service. There will be limited access during special events.

For Opportunities and Job Descriptions, see below:



Parent Greeter – Computer Check In Volunteer

The check in counter will have two touch screen computers and printers for families to check in. Once they check in, nametags and security numbers will print out for all the kids at once. The number and nametags must be visual to the security squad as they enter into both the preschool and elementary secured areas.

  • Greet and assist parents as needed with check in.
  • Greet new kids with a visitor bag and invite them to play on the slide or with magnetic board as parents get registered for the first time.
  • Answer any questions about the security process as well as any questions they may have about the morning (refer them to the Director or Coordinator if there are questions you can’t answer).
  • Invite them to stop for coffee after they get their kids checked in and taken to the classrooms. Preschool – west hallway; Elementary – Enter through the east door of the welcome center.


Kid Greeter – Play Area Volunteer

  • Talk with the kids and supervise play on the slide because slide is fast. For the little ones, hold their hand at the top of the slide as they come down. Encourage them to watch their head as they get to the top of the slide. For older kids you can direct them to the magnetic board or the slide.


Security Point Volunteers

  • The goal is to have two security points, one for the preschool area (near the elevator) and one for the elementary area (the east hallway just outside the check in. Our security won’t be fully complete until the end of September when the security door at the west stairs is in place.
  • The main responsibility is to make sure those who come through those security points have checked in and have the name tags (kids) and security numbers (parents).
  • Friendliness is key, but there is no entry for those who don’t have a security number to pick up kids or

identification (i.e. teachers, who will have nametags with their pictures).


Time Commitment Needs

  • We are looking for 4 teams that will serve once a month before the 9:15am education hour and before the 10:30am service
  • First hour volunteers need to arrive at 9am staying until 9:35am. Second hour security begins at 10:10am staying until 10:50am.
  • In the intermediate times, we will have one person at the top of the stairs with a walkie talkie to signal the coordinator if a person with a sticker will be coming.
  • At this point, we believe the coordinators can be at the security points as parents pick up their kids after Worship Service.



There will be vests and nametags (with pictures) for the greeter/security team to wear to identify themselves, they can be picked up in the welcome center in the cabinet.