Bonus Content from March 3

Text Questions from March 3 “Marks of a Disciple: Being Accountable” 1 Cor 5:9-13
TEXT QUESTION 1: You mentioned that the unrepentant nature of the sexual sin the man continued to engage in could cause him to lose his salvation. Isn’t it more accurate to say that this man was never saved? You can’t lose your salvation, correct?
ANSWER: Thanks! You’re absolutely right. If our commitment to Jesus is real and true, then we will be changed … forever transformed and transforming. Jesus has that effect on us. We not only repent of our sin in that initial ask for forgiveness from Jesus and our commitment to Jesus … but we continue to repent of sins afterward, honestly confessing them and his forgiveness continues to cover us. Thus, Jesus is transforming us into a “new creation” that is more and more like him. This man clearly did not demonstrate evidence of the ongoing transformation of someone walking with Jesus … but of someone walking without Jesus.
I believe what Jesus said about not losing one of his sheep, John 10:28-29. We are safe in him. He will not let go of us. Genuine salvation is always secure. WE need not fear losing it. But if we sin, as this man did and refuse to repent of that sin, then we may or may not be genuinely saved. Please read below. It will help.
TEXT QUESTION 2: What do you mean it’s someone’s salvation … if that person is already saved?
ANSWER: I’m not exactly sure what you are asking. I imagine you’re asking if I am questioning the salvation of those who have committed their lives to Christ. Your point was that salvation is not questionable. It either is or it isn’t. This would be true!
But Jesus said, 21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.” Mat 7:21 There are people who claim Jesus is Lord, but they are not submitted to him. Jesus was talking about them. This unrepentant man was someone who claimed Jesus was his Lord. His membership in the Corinthian church confirmed this. But his unrepentant actions up to that point revealed Jesus was not his Lord … and, if not, he was not saved.
Given what we read, it appears that not all the evidence needed was in yet about whether he was a true believer and thus truly saved. Paul commanded them to start proceedings to expel this man from the church. The thought behind this was that perhaps, it would shake him up and cause him to come to his senses and repent. They were not to enable this man’s sin any longer and allow him to pretend he is walking with Jesus and he is saved. This is why Paul instructed them to turn this man over to Satan, 1 Cor 9:5. Once that is done … of there is no repentance, I believe the man can accurately be judged … not a true follower of Jesus. Thus, he would be unsaved. I assume the man most likely remained unrepentant.
TEXT QUESTION 3: Why didn’t Jesus correct Judas?
ANSWER: I’m not exactly sure how this question came up from the sermon, but the Spirit works in mysterious ways. That being said, it is a good question. I’ll do my best to answer it.
First of all, Jesus did correct Judas. This occurred when Judas challenged the action of the woman who anointed Jesus’ feet with an expensive perfume (John 12:4-8). This account is recorded in Matthew and Mark as well. But only John explains that Judas’ challenge regarding the money being better used for the poor was a ruse. Judas said this because he was greedy and wanted to be able to steal more money. John records that Judas was the treasurer and took money for himself from the purse.
Second, I imagine that Jesus corrected and rebuked Judas when he was wrong at other times … as Jesus likely did with all the disciples. I’m pretty sure not every rebuke from Jesus was recorded. But the ones we need to hear were!
If you are asking why didn’t Jesus save Judas from betraying him by correcting Judas, I do not know. I do not know if Jesus tried to do so or not during the times of rebuke and correction that went unrecorded. God’s Word is silent on this.
John 13 explains that during the final Passover dinner, Jesus told his disciples one of them would betray him. When John asked Jesus who was going to betray him, Jesus said that the one who dipped the bread at the same time as he did was the man. This was Judas. 27 Then after he had taken the morsel, Satan entered into him (Judas). Jesus said to him (Judas), “What you are going to do, do quickly.” John 13:27 Jesus knew who was going to betray him. We shouldn’t be surprised by this. Jesus is the Son of God. WE also know from 2 Old Testament prophecies that God’s Word predicted the Savior would be betrayed from among his friends … Ps 41:9 and Zech 11:12-13. Mat 26:14-16 and Mark 14:10-11 record that from the moment Jesus corrected Judas, when the woman anointed Jesus’ feet, Judas sought to betray Jesus.
Thanks for the questions, keep texting!

Bonus Content from March 10

There were no sermon questions texted this week. However, as promised, below is a fuller explanation of the debate regarding the word “go” (“Therefore go and make disciples…).

If you’ve been around church for awhile, you’ve probably heard multiple sermons on this passage that present different ideas on this word “go.”
One preacher titles his sermon “put the GO in the gospel” and says, “You can’t obey the command to make disciples until you follow the first command of verse 19 (in our English Bibles) to leave behind your normal daily life and go!”
Another preacher points out (rightly) that “go” isn’t technically a command here in Greek, so (they say) the sense is more like “as you go.” In other words, “Just go about your daily life, doing what you already do, and if you happen to get an opportunity to make a disciple, go for it!”
For the average Christian who hasn’t taken Greek, it’s a bit frustrating to hear two sermons making opposite points about the same verse with high conviction. So which one is it: first you have to go? Or just keep doing what you normally do, and “as you go,” make disciples?
Good news! We actually don’t need to be Greek scholars to adjudicate this one. Sure, it’s true that “go” is not a command here in the Greek technically speaking. But does that necessarily mean that the sense is something like a casual “as you go” about the life you’re already living?
Look at the rest of the sentence. “Go therefore and make disciples of” whom? All nations. How are we going to make disciples of all nations if all of us just make disciples “as we go” about the lives we were already living? How would disciples ever have been made in Samaria? How would disciples ever have been made in India or Ireland or in any of the farthest reaches of the earth if Christians would have treated this part of the sentence as a casual “as you go”?
“Go” doesn’t need to be a command in order for it to be a necessary action for us to carry out the command to make disciples. Making disciples of all nations is going to require some intentionality on our part, going to places we wouldn’t normally have gone, seeking out relationships we wouldn’t normally have sought out, and sending other Christians on missions to places outside of our own culture.
So here’s an application on the “going.” There may well be opportunities for disciplemaking within your everyday rhythms of home life, work life, and recreation or leisure activities. But if you’re just going through the motions hoping to stumble upon disciplemaking opportunities without making any alterations to those rhythms, you need to give some more thought to this “go.” Maybe you need to proactively prioritize time with a coworker you don’t ordinarily spend much time with. Maybe you need to intentionally work out or visit Starbucks at the same time of day so that you start developing relationships with the same people you see there. You don’t just stumble into disciplemaking any more than you just stumble into discipleship.

Sports Camp 2019

Newsblast from the Elders 2.18.19

Dear North Sub Family,
As we turn into the final stretch of our fiscal year which wraps up on March 30th, the Elders wanted to reach out to the entire Congregation to share some concerns that we have around where we are financially and what this means for planning our 2019/2020 budget. For those of you who were able to make it to the January 27th Congregational Meeting, you heard Laurence report out that we have been running behind budget on the Giving side for the last few months. Through the end of January, Actual Expenses are running ahead of Actual Income putting us at a deficit of $24,000. Assuming no changes in giving trends in February and March, we are forecasting that we may close our fiscal year as much as $33,000 in the red.
It is important for us to share this news with everyone for two reasons: 1. Because our annual budgets are based on a net-zero basis. Ending the year with a negative Net Income result means that we are effectively “living above our means” and will have to draw down our financial reserves. This is not good for the long-term health of our Church, and we don’t believe this shows good stewardship of the resources with which God has blessed us. 2. Where we finish this year’s income is the starting point for setting our 2019/2020 budget. So ending with a negative Net Income result this year means that we may have to set a lower budget for next year, which will negatively impact our ability to execute our ministry and mission.
Our wonderfully committed Pastors and Staff have already reduced expenses down to what we believe is the minimum. We do not want to take much more drastic action, such as freezing Staff increases or even reducing Staff salaries. So the only way to get us back on track this year and to set a 2019/2020 budget that achieves our ministry and missional goals is to get our Giving back on track this year to match or exceed our already-reduced expenses. We have planned a Town Hall meeting after church on March 17th to follow up on the Congregational input from our last Congregational Meeting. Additionally, we will share the initial draft of our 2019/2020 budget based on how we expect this year to end up with only 3 weeks to go (at that time). To increase awareness and to assist us in our prayers for God’s help, we will be providing weekly updates in the Sunday bulletin of our Year to Date Actual Income verses Year to Date Actual Expenses. This way, we can all see where we stand financially. As of 2/17/19, Actual Income is $658,349? Actual Expenses are $685,975? NET is a deficit of $27,626.
Now that you are aware of our financial situation, here is what the Elders would like to ask of you: Please pray over our financial situation and ask the Lord to put on your heart what He wants you to do. We know that the Lord provides all that we need and more than we deserve, and we know that the Lord calls us to live missionally and act as a “Fellowship of Believers” as we see in Acts 2: 42-47. So as you pray over our financial situation, please bear in mind what we read in 2 Cor 9:7 in terms of sharing God’s gifts: “Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”
We know and fully trust that the Lord is in all of this, so we place our full trust in Him to lead us through our work here at North Sub. Please do pray over this and listen to what God is calling you to do to help us achieve our goals for this year and going forward.
The Elders

Alpha Highlights 1.31.19

What is Alpha?

A typical Alpha… is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith, typically run over 11 weeks.  Each video looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation. It is described as “an opportunity to explore the meaning of life.”   What to expect… Alpha runs in a myriad of locations. No two Alphas look the same, but they have three key things in common: food, a video, and good conversation.

NorthSub Alpha sessions will be led by Pastor Craig & Marsha at :

Lynfred Winery, Google Map

Tuesdays 6-8 p.m.

Starting February 19th

 First, there is Food We start with food, because it’s a great way to encourage community and get to know each other.   Then a Video The videos are designed to engage and inspire conversation, generally 30-minutes.   Followed by Discussion Probably the most important part of any Alpha is the chance to share thoughts and ideas on the topic presented.  It’s an opportunity to hear from others and contribute your own perspective in an honest, friendly, and open environment.

How do I get involved?

Alpha is a great way to mobilize our church body to reach our community with the gospel. We need:

  • YOU TO BRING friends, colleagues, neighbors, and family members to the Alpha Course.
  • teams to help as discussion leaders
  • help with meals

Click HERE to register.

Join Us in the Czech Republic!

Right now, Genevieve Mar is building an intergenerational team to visit Global Partners Paul and Sharon Till in Frydlant, Czech Republic, in June 2019. The team from North Sub will be supporting the ministry of BMA (Beskydy Mountain Academy) in order that BMA can be more effective in reaching unchurched Czech students for Christ.
We are looking for students who are eager to connect with their Czech counterparts. We are also looking for adults who are eager to follow the Tills’ lead in ministering to a wide range of people, including parents of BMA students. Anyone 14 and up is eligible to join the team.
In order to make this trip happen in 2019, we need a minimum number of registrations by January 20th. Thank you for praying about joining this team!
This missions opportunity only comes around every other summer – you won’t want to miss it. Secure your spot now by emailing Genevieve Mar by January 20th:

Photo Directory: Submit Your Photos!

In response to popular demand, we are resurrecting the photo directory for North Suburban Church members and regular attenders.
Our goal is that in early 2019, our current directory would be expanded to include photos for each family!
Here is how you can help us have a photo for you and your family:
Send us an existing electronic copy of a photo of your family that you like. Be sure that it is good quality and everyone’s face can be seen clearly!  Pictures from shoulders up work best so faces are the focus. Please email the picture as an attachment to
The deadline for submitting pictures is January 13th, 2019. Thank you for helping us create a complete directory!

Life Together

About once a month, the Highlights will include updates with what’s going on in the Life of our congregation.  This month will include all known events since our last post.  If you have a celebration or condolence you’d like to share, contact Karen.
February 14, 2019
Jan 2 Birth of Noah Daniel Allan Leiter to Jennifer and Jimmy Leiter.
Jan 6 Birth of Jasper Timothy King to Melanie and Caleb King; grandmother is Trish Campbell.
Jan 18 Birth of David Andrew Nilsen to Stefany and Andrew Nilsen; grandparents are Keith and Dawn Nilsen; great-grandmother is LaVonne Nilsen
Jan 10 John Dallas passed in to glory.  He was the husband of Terry, father of Chris and grandfather of Evan.
Long time Life Group Leader Jean Sodemann is stepping down after years of faithful service. Be sure to thank her for sharing her gifts and wish her well.
Special thanks to Adam DeBroux and all who helped with the Escape Room a few weeks ago.  $630 was raised for Student Ministries, making trips possible for those who couldn’t otherwise attend.  
December 6, 2018
– Eric and Stephany Campos welcomed their first child, Elliot Noe Campos, born on Nov 12. Congratulations!
– Eleanor “Ellie” Johnson passed on to Glory on Oct 26.  A service will be held at North Sub on Sunday, Dec 9 at 2pm with a reception to follow.  Condolences to her daughter, Diane Chi, and the rest of the Johnson family.
– Jeanette Petrie, long time member, went home to be with the Lord on Nov 24, 2018.  A service was held at North Sub on Mon, Dec 3 at 10am.  Please keep the Petrie family in your thoughts and prayers.
November 18, 2018
Believer Baptisms
– Gabe Johnson was baptized on Sept 23.  His parents are Karl and Rema Johnson.
– Brianna Hudson was baptized on Oct 14.  Her parents are Tom and Janna Hudson.
– Lizzie Mar was also baptized on Oct 14. Her parents are Ed and Genevieve Mar.
– Emily Lupu-Vieru was baptized on Oct 28. Her parents are Olinka and Adrian Lupu-Vieru.
Baby Dedications
– Susan and Tage Klint will dedicate their youngest son Ryder on Sunday, Nov 18.
– Jon Peacy was called home on Aug 23.  We offer our prayers for Lois and his family.
– Ed Seidman joined the Saints on Oct 7.  Our sympathies to his wife, Judy, and the Seidman family.
– Jim Warrington went home to be with the Lord on Oct 13. Our condolences go to Eleay and the rest of the family.
– Eleanor “Ellie” Johnson passed on to Glory on Oct 26.  A service will be held at North Sub on Sunday, Dec 9 at 2pm with a reception to follow.  Condolences to her daughter, Diane Chi, and the rest of the Johnson family.

Requesting Stories

Advent Stories
Have a story to share? This Advent, we’d love to highlight a handful of stories of God at work in the lives of our congregation.
See here for a summary of our Advent series to understand the vision for the four services. In keeping with that vision, there are particular types of stories we’d like to showcase:
Week 1 (Rest): How have you found Jesus’ words to be true: “I will give you rest”? Do you have a story about finding rest in Jesus?
Week 2 (Covenant): How have you found God to be faithful to His promises? Have you ever doubted one of His promises, only to see it be fulfilled?
Week 3 (Messiah): How have you found Jesus to be your Savior and King? Have you ever tried other “functional saviors/messiahs” and found that they failed you?
Week 4 (Sonship):  How have you found God to be a Father? Jesus to be a brother? How have you experienced inclusion into God’s own family (Familial love? Fatherly discipline?)?

If you have a story that relates in any way to one of these themes, please contact Robbie or one of the pastors. Thank you!

Financial Report 10.21.18

NSEFC 2018/2019 Fiscal Half-Year Report

April 1, 2018 – September 30, 2018
April 2018 to September 2018 Operating Fund Income Statement
Income YTD Actual YTD Budget Difference
Offering Contributions $337,072 $332,141 +$4,932
Rent $9,000 $9,000 +/- $0
Fund Transfers $10,000 $12,500 – $2,500
Investment Income $4,853 $3,000 +$1,853
Miscellaneous $8,236 $0 +$ 8,236
Total Revenues $369,161 $356,641 +$12,520
Salary, Taxes, and Benefits $229,003 $232,767 +$3,765
Global Outreach $51,223 $51,000 – $223
Local Outreach $11,650 $11,300 + $350
Church Ministries $26,504 $42,555 +$16,052
Office and General Admin $23,254 $28,771 +$5,517
Building, Utilities, and Custodial $46,965 $45,249 $1,715
Total Expenses $388,598 $411,643 +$23,045
Expenses YTD Actual YTD Budget
Total Revenue $369,161 $356,641
Total Expense $388,598 $411,643
Net -$19,438 -$55,022
At the ½ point in our fiscal year we are $35,564 AHEAD of budget!
April 2018 to September 2018  Other Fund Balances
Fund April 2018 September 2018 Incoming $ to Fund Outgoing $ to Fund Change
Meet-a-Need $14,687 $15,975 $5,879 $4,591 +$1,288
Financial Freedom Fund $48,289 $44,876 $1,556 $4,969 – $3,413
Transition Fund $40,903 $31,765 $569 $9,706 -$9138
Scholarship Fund $6,043 $11,240 $5,567 $370 +5,197
Reserve Fund $65,047 $65,047 $0 $0 $0
Barnabas Fund $67,074 $67,583 $2,658 $2,148 + $509
Swanson Fund $76,778 $82,313 $5,536 $0 +$5,536
Facility Fund $66,964 $53,326 $3,581 $17,220 – $13,638
Restore and Renew $137,676 $110,723 $28,932 $55,885 – $26,953
2018/2019 Half Year Spending by Budget Segment
Expenditure by Budget Segments
Adult, Pastoral, Worship Ministries – 41%
Administration and Building – 24%
Student and Children Ministries – 20%
Outreach – 15%
Respectfully submitted by Laurence Claus