Feb 2019 Parents Night Out

5:30-8:30pm (registration begins at 5:15pm)
Drop off your kids (Infant – Grade 5) for a Glow In The Dark Night of Fun that includes dinner (pizza), glow in the dark games, activities & crafts and a movie (TBA) to top off the night.
Registration Closes on Feb 9

Parents Night Out Nov 9

Click the picture to register for a free night out, while your kids are having oodles of fun with noodles!

Changes you can expect

What you can expect

As we work toward the Sept 9 launch of our new check-in/security system for kids, we wanted to let you know what you can expect.


  • We will begin with a soft start this Sunday, Aug 19 to work out the kinks of our computer check in system. Families will be directed downstairs to check in before service begins using the east stairs by the Sanctuary. 


  • In order to add provided security, you will find the west stairs roped off as we are encouraging everyone to start using the east stairs. We are hoping to have security doors installed by Sept 30 at the bottom of the west stairs to secure the downstairs.


  • Beginning Sept 9, the basement will only be available to those without kids before 9:15am, and from
    10:15-10:30am and after service. Downstairs will NOT BE AVAILABLE after 9:15am while classes are in session or during the worship service. Food ministry packing and pick up must happen before 9:00am and after service. There will be limited access during special events.

For Opportunities and Job Descriptions, see below:



Parent Greeter – Computer Check In Volunteer

The check in counter will have two touch screen computers and printers for families to check in. Once they check in, nametags and security numbers will print out for all the kids at once. The number and nametags must be visual to the security squad as they enter into both the preschool and elementary secured areas.

  • Greet and assist parents as needed with check in.
  • Greet new kids with a visitor bag and invite them to play on the slide or with magnetic board as parents get registered for the first time.
  • Answer any questions about the security process as well as any questions they may have about the morning (refer them to the Director or Coordinator if there are questions you can’t answer).
  • Invite them to stop for coffee after they get their kids checked in and taken to the classrooms. Preschool – west hallway; Elementary – Enter through the east door of the welcome center.


Kid Greeter – Play Area Volunteer

  • Talk with the kids and supervise play on the slide because slide is fast. For the little ones, hold their hand at the top of the slide as they come down. Encourage them to watch their head as they get to the top of the slide. For older kids you can direct them to the magnetic board or the slide.


Security Point Volunteers

  • The goal is to have two security points, one for the preschool area (near the elevator) and one for the elementary area (the east hallway just outside the check in. Our security won’t be fully complete until the end of September when the security door at the west stairs is in place.
  • The main responsibility is to make sure those who come through those security points have checked in and have the name tags (kids) and security numbers (parents).
  • Friendliness is key, but there is no entry for those who don’t have a security number to pick up kids or

identification (i.e. teachers, who will have nametags with their pictures).


Time Commitment Needs

  • We are looking for 4 teams that will serve once a month before the 9:15am education hour and before the 10:30am service
  • First hour volunteers need to arrive at 9am staying until 9:35am. Second hour security begins at 10:10am staying until 10:50am.
  • In the intermediate times, we will have one person at the top of the stairs with a walkie talkie to signal the coordinator if a person with a sticker will be coming.
  • At this point, we believe the coordinators can be at the security points as parents pick up their kids after Worship Service.



There will be vests and nametags (with pictures) for the greeter/security team to wear to identify themselves, they can be picked up in the welcome center in the cabinet.

Men’s Connection

What Is the Men’s Connection?
Men of all ages are welcome.  As men, we tend to find ourselves alone.  But we weren’t meant to be alone. We were meant to be in community… especially with other men. We need the strength, support, encouragement, and prodding of other men so that we can live our lives fully in the Lord.
The vision of the MEN’S CONNECTION is that NO MAN STANDS ALONE. Our mission is DISCIPLING, MENTORING, and SERVING. This is a joint ministry of North Suburban Church and Adat Hatikvah for men, their friends, co-workers, and neighbors.
The Men’s Connection meets in the New Cafe on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month. A light breakfast and coffee will be served. Each meeting will feature a brief devotional time followed by a time of connecting in the Word, discussion, and prayer together.   If you have questions, please call the office… contact Pastor Craig (North Sub) and/or Neal Siegel (Adat).
NOT meeting Saturday, Dec 22 due to Christmas.

2018 Lightrider Trip

The 2018 Lightrider trip was an absolute blast! This year the RUSH students went on a trip to South Dakota. While there we visited Mt. Rushmore, hiked Black Elk Peak, did some hiking through the Badlands, visited Waldrug, and on the way home we had a service project in Milwaukee helping an amazing ministry called City on a Hill. Words cannot capture the way we saw God moving within the group and in the lives of the students individually.
The theme this year was, Seeking God. The graduating seniors led three devotional times where they spoke on Seeking God As The Priority of Your LifeSeeking God in Creation, and Seeking God Through Serving. Each of the graduating seniors did an absolutely wonderful job at directing our hearts toward our great and glorious God during these devotional times. On Sunday night, there was a special time of worship and then the entire group partnered up for a dedicated time of praying for each other. To see a bus full of students worshiping in song and then united in prayer was such a blessing and memory that will not be forgotten. 
I encourage you to ask the RUSH students about their experience on this 2018 Lightrider trip! It was truly a testing to the goodness of God.
For Christ and His kingdom,
Alex Rodriguez, Director of Student Ministries

Student Ministry Opportunities

In a few short weeks the new ministry year will be starting! I am so excited for Student Ministries, all that God will do in the life of the students, and perhaps your role in all that. Currently, we have a few opportunities:

  • RALLY and RUSH Small Group Leaders: During the Sunday night Student Ministries services you would help lead a small group for either RALLY or RUSH, where you would disciple a group of students and walk alongside them. The commitment is Sunday nights for one ministry year.
  • Student Ministries Support Team: Throughout the year the Student Ministries holds a variety events that need planning and individuals to help run them. If you would like to help support Student Ministries but the weekly leading of a small group is not for you, consider joining the Student Ministries Support Team


Contact Alex at arodriguez@northsub.com or call 312-451-1815.

Facilities Team

Going forward, the Elders have approved a new direction for handling the care and maintenance of our facilities.  The responsibilities of the part-time Facilities Manager position will be taken over by a VOLUNTEER TEAM of 3 to 5 people. They will be empowered to oversee the maintenance of our facilities with the help of the staff.  For now, all the responsibilities for the management of the facilities and the execution of the Restore and Renew renovation work fall under Pastor Craig.  This is in addition to his current work load, which already increased slightly to absorb more Office responsibilities when we made the change from our former Business Manager model.  Therefore, it is our hope to get this Facilities Volunteer Team up and running as soon as possible, so please pray over this. 


We’re looking for 3 to 5 volunteers. While expertise is not required, we would like the volunteers to:

  • Have some experience in terms of evaluating problems with their home and/or other structures and mechanical.
  • Have some ability to help determine whether we can fix the problems ourselves or need to hire a contractor.
  • Be able to work with a contractor if necessary to get the problem fixed. 

The team will meet once per month to review the ongoing punch list generated from the office.  Projects that can wait will be taken care of after the monthly meeting. Projects that require immediate attention will be managed by a volunteer from the team who has some availability to work alongside the staff in getting the problem resolved.


If you would like more information about serving on this team or think this is a place where you can serve the Lord, please contact Pastor Craig at the office.

Life Together 8.2.18

Since we switched from a bi-monthly Newsletter to the weekly Highlights back in April, we haven’t had a place to share celebrations and condolences.  From here on out, this will be the place!  About once a month, the Highlights will include updates with what’s going on in the Life of our congregation.  This month will include all known events since our last Newsletter in April.  If you have a celebration or condolence you’d like to share, contact Karen.

Congratulations to Susan and Tage Klint on the birth of their second son. Ryder Axel was born on May 23.
In July, Bob and Ann Limoges welcomed their grandson, Ezekiel John Limoges.  Proud parents are Danny and Elena. 
Believer Baptisms
– Luke and Nicole Brown were baptized on May 13. Their parents are Missy and Brandon.
– Luke Andersen was baptized on June 3. His parents are Genelle and Joel.
– Theo Kellogg was baptized on June 17. His parents are Lydia and Robbie.
Baby Dedications
– Lydia and Robbie Kellogg dedicated their youngest son Clark on April 29.
– Sarah and Tim Higgins dedicated their son Elijah on May 27.
– Nicole Hill and Lucas Rugen were married at North Sub on Sun, July 22, 2018. Be sure to congratulate them, along with proud parents Allison Hill, and Lee and Linda Rugen.
– Gerald Harms went home to be with the Lord on July 13. Our condolences go to Elke and the rest of the family. Please keep them in your prayers.

Kids Ministry Opportunities

As we gear up for fall, we are so thankful for the leaders God has already raised up to minister to kids. Check out the remaining opportunities below. Curriculum and/or training provided.

Nursery Volunteer – Our nursery is growing, so we need to staff one additional person each week.  Serve once (or twice) a month at either the 9:15am education hour, or the 10:30am service hour. 

Small Group Leader for first grade boys –During the 10:30am service hour in a large group/small group setting. Serve every Sunday for one month, every other month, Sept – May.

Small Group Leader for Club 45 – Serve with a teaching team of three and lead a small group of 4th/5th graders during the 10:30am service hour every Sunday for one month, every other month, Sept – May.

Grades 1-5 First Hour – Join Derek & Elizabeth Sammann to make a team of three during the 9:15 hour every week, Sept – May. Substitutes provided as needed.

Greeter/Security Squad – Join a team of four, where you serve once a month before first hour, between the education hour and the service, and after service.  The positions are:  Security points (one for the preschool/K area and one at the Grades 1-5 area) and two people in the welcome center, assisting parents with check in as needed and interacting with kids as they play on the slide or at the magnetic wall.

To serve, contact Jayne at jeclov@northsub.com or call 312-865-9667.

“The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’ ” – Matthew 25:40

Divine Appointment Opportunity

Hello North Sub Family,
Have you ever experienced a divine appointment?  A situation where you faced a choice to take a risk and obey God or give into fear and do nothing?  What did you do?  What did God do when you stepped out in faith?
If you have a story like this, please consider sharing it during the Fall Adult Education Hour Life Course titled: “God Showed Up.”
We are looking for 8 people to briefly (3 minutes) share their story of stepping out and God showing up. Tage Klint will work with you to prepare and present your story. Please consider encouraging the North Sub family with your “Divine Appointment” experience. 
If you are interested, contact Tage Klint.