Advent Series 2017: “WAITING”

A student waits for college acceptance letters to come in. A single woman waits for God to bless her with a spouse. An unemployed man waits for God to provide a job. A couple waits for God to finally bless them with a child. Since Eden, all of creation has been waiting. We don’t like to wait, and waiting is probably harder for our generation than for any before.
The year Jesus was born, Israel had been waiting 400 years for a king to sit on David’s throne. During Advent each year, we transport ourselves back (in a way) to that time when Israel was waiting for her king.
But we’re waiting, too. Of course, we’re waiting for Christmas Day – the presents to open, the family gatherings, the treasured traditions. But for 2000 years, Christians have been waiting for the return of our king, who will make all things right when He comes back again.
So we don’t just look back during Advent; we look ahead. And we wait, just like Israel was waiting 2000 years ago. The waiting is hard, but it’s good, and if we can let ourselves go there this Advent – to wade deeply into the waiting – we might find that God has something in store for us while we wait.
During this series, we will embark on a journey of waiting. Our four Advent services will reflect the reality that waiting often involves negative emotions (darkness, lament, minor chords) alongside positive emotions (brightness, rejoicing, eager anticipation). Consequently, the early services in the series may seem a bit darker than the typical Advent service. However, the services will become progressively brighter.

Week 1
is entitled “Groaning.” Living in the present can be filled with painful groaning.  It is the beginning of hoping for something better and beginning of journey through waiting.  
Week 2
is entitled “Struggling.” As groaning begins to give to way to hope, there is an honest struggle to see clearly what it is that we are hoping and waiting for.  
Week 3
is entitled “Weeping and Rejoicing.”  An intense dance of deep feeling erupts within us.  It is the dance between the present painful place from where we began to the future hope we cling to as we wait: which will win out?
Week 4
is entitled “Praising.”  It speaks to the good news of being delivered into the hope we are waiting for.

Be sure to invite your family and friends to join us in this Advent journey of Waiting!