The vision for Adult Ministry and our curriculum is to coordinate and interact with Student Ministry and Kids Ministry in a commitment to moving from the Well to the Word to the World.

Life Courses
Our courses are offered during our Sunday Morning Education Hour from 9:15-10:15am. Courses are taught by church members, TEDS professors, and visiting teachers. Adults, college students, and high school students are invited to attend Fall 2018 Life Courses.
See below for a special opportunity coming up to hear from TEDS Professor of New Testament and 2014 Christianity Today Book of the Year Winner Dr. Constantine Campbell.
Resurrection: Why Jesus Rose from the Dead and Why it Changes Everything    Gym (9/30-10/14)
Central to the teaching of the New Testament is the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. The significance of this event is not only to “prove” the truth of Christianity or to overturn Jesus’ unjust death. It creates and shapes the entire outlook of the New Testament, its eschatology, its atonement theology, and it is the key to Christian hope. Though Christians are often good at understanding and explaining the significance of Jesus’ death, we are often weaker on the resurrection. Yet, the apostles and the Christians saw it as absolutely central to their teaching and theology. In this class we will explore the meaning of Jesus’ resurrection, how it relates to us today, and how it shapes our eternal future.
Practical Wisdom for the Christian Life, According to James         Café (10/21-11/18)
Suppose someone said to you, “When it comes to learning about Christianity, I think we should just look at Paul. He’s the best resource for finding out what it means to be a Christian.” How would you respond? If you are honest with yourself, do you first turn to Paul for answers to issues or tough situations in life, or do you turn to Jesus? James turned to Jesus. When he came across difficult situations or issues, he looked to the words of Christ to understand how the Christian ought to live. In other words, James took the teachings of Jesus and worked it out on the ground in terms of theology and practice. He gives us practical theology and wisdom for the Christian way of life. This is faith-seeking-understanding when it comes to tough issues in life, like money, speech, anger, and good deeds. This class will walk through some of the main lessons in the epistle of James, which are everyday issues for Christians, and explain how he addresses those issues by using the teachings of Jesus.
God Showed Up   Gym (9/9-9/23, 10/21-11/18)
It is incredibly easy for someone like Moses or Daniel to have faith and obedience in God when God audibly spoke to them. But what about the rest of us who live in an age when God does not ordinarily operate like that anymore?  Come join us in the gym as we review the stories of real life people who faced real life challenges and decided to do the right thing based on God‘s Word. This class will encourage you to take bold, righteous actions to accomplish the works of God in your every day life. God Showed Up takes a second look at some of the less famous characters in the Bible.  These men and women never had a vision or a voice from heaven telling them what to do. All they had was the Scripture, a problem, and some faith. We will see what happens when the people of God execute the actions of God based on faith in God even when the world and all logic say do something else.  Your faith will be encouraged to act boldly and expect God to show up when you do.
The Church and Mental Illness: Being Good Samaritans in a Wounded World    Café (9/9-9/23)
We have all encountered addictions, depression, or trauma in life, whether in our own lives or the lives of our friends, family, and neighbors. Scripture provides much encouragement for those undergoing any form of suffering in this world, but what do we do when an issue is so complex, that the Bible doesn’t seem to have straight-forward answers? How should Christians respond to friends who are hurting in unique ways, when Scripture seems to be silent on the Bipolar experience, chronic anxiety, or eating disorders?  This three-week class will explore mental illness and healing from a biblical worldview, and will discuss the role of Counseling Psychology as helper, not competitor, to the healing work of the Church. Equipped with a more thorough understanding of complex issues, using the parable of the Good Samaritan as our guiding image, our goal in this class is to leave as confident and compassionate “People Helpers” for a hurting world.

Feb 25, 2018
Adult Life Course: Foundations of Evangelism Week 3
Adult Life Course:  Foundations of Evangelism Week 3
  • Feb 25, 2018Adult Life Course: Foundations of Evangelism Week 3
    Feb 25, 2018
    Adult Life Course: Foundations of Evangelism Week 3
    Adult Life Course:  Foundations of Evangelism Week 3
  • Feb 18, 2018Adult Life Course: Foundations of Evangelism Week 2
    Feb 18, 2018
    Adult Life Course: Foundations of Evangelism Week 2
    Foundations of Evangelism Week 2
  • Feb 11, 2018Adult Life Course: Foundations of Evangelism Week 1
    Feb 11, 2018
    Adult Life Course: Foundations of Evangelism Week 1
    Foundations of Evangelism Week 1


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